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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017Insights from translation process research in the workplaceEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Hunziker Heeb, Andrea; Jud, Peter; Angelone, Erik
2017Translating conceptual metaphor : the processes of managing interlingual asymmetryMassey, Gary; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen
2017Research-driven translation teaching : doing applied linguistics to empower the learning organisationMassey, Gary
2017La grammaire de constructions : un atout pour la formation du traducteur?Delorme Benites, Alice
2017Irritating CAT tool features that matter to translatorsO’Brien, Sharon; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Hasler, Marcel; Connolly, Megan
2017Healthcare professionals as language mediators : incorporating translator education in language learning and teacher trainingEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Massey, Gary
2017Cognition in community interpreting : the influence of interpreter’s knowledge of doctor-patient interactionAlbl-Mikasa, Michaela; Hohenstein, Christiane
2017Wie erreicht man mehr Praxisnähe in der Übersetzerausbildung?Brändli, Barbara; Hunziker Heeb, Andrea; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen
2016Investigating the ergonomics of the technologized translation workplaceEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Hunziker Heeb, Andrea
2016Professional translators’ self-concepts and directionality : indications from translation process researchHunziker Heeb, Andrea
2015„Don’t take the interpreters to your room, lay them on the table“ : von den Tücken des Übersetzens in englischen ZeitenAlbl-Mikasa, Michaela
2015Applying a newswriting research approach to translationEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Perrin, Daniel
2015Catherine Way/Sonia Vandepitte/Reine Meylaerts/Magdalena Batłomiejczyk (eds.) 2013. Tracks and Treks in Translation Studies. Selected Papers from the EST Congress, Leuven 2010. Benjamins Translation Library Vol. 108. Amsterdam/ Philadelphia : John Benjamins. 298 pages. ISBN 978-90-272-2459-0Massey, Gary
2015On the perception of audio description : developing a model to compare films and their audio described versionsJekat, Susanne Johanna; Prontera, Daniel; Bale, Richard James
2015Caution and compliance in medical encounters : non-interpretation of hedges and phatic tokensAlbl-Mikasa, Michaela; Glatz, Elisabeth; Hofer, Gertrud; Sleptsova, Marina
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