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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Nov-2022Numerical modeling and design decisions for aerostatic bearings with relatively large nozzle sizes in Magic-Angle Spinning (MAS) systemsDeb, Rajdeep; Hunkeler, Andreas; Wilhelm, Dirk; Jenny, Patrick; Meier, Beat H.
25-Sep-2022Sustainability through multi-professional cooperation in all-day schools from the perspective of social workersScholian, Andrea; Chiapparini, Emanuela
15-Sep-2022Accelerated data science, AI and GeoAI for sustainable finance in central banking and supervisionPapenbrock, Jochen; Ashley, John; Schwendner, Peter
15-Sep-2022Effect of particle characteristics and foaming parameters on resulting foam quality and stabilityRüegg, Ramona; Schmid, Tamara; Hollenstein, Lukas; Müller, Nadina
14-Sep-2022Das Schweizer Klimaziel unter der Lupe : genügt Netto-Null bis 2050?Rohrer, Jürg
12-Sep-2022Animal cell culture-based cellular agriculture : basics and challenges of clean meat productionSchirmer, Cedric
8-Sep-2022Akzeptanz durch Kommunikation steigern : Social Plattformen in der interne NachhaltigkeitskommunikationRosenberger Staub, Nicole
8-Sep-2022“It’s a matter of age” : four dimensions of youths’ news consumptionKlopfenstein Frei, Nadine; Wyss, Valery; Gnach, Aleksandra; Weber, Wibke
7-Sep-2022Incentivising user-based redistribution in free-floating carsharing : bridging the gap between intention and actionTomic, Uros; Stiebe, Michael; Schubert, Iljana, et al
5-Sep-2022Belonging to the LGBT+ community and intergenerational relations : the role of filial obligationsPfammatter, Pirmin; Schmid, Giu; Schwarz, Beate
5-Sep-2022Making sense of the natural environmentvon der Malsburg, Christoph; Grewe, Benjamin F.; Stadelmann, Thilo
5-Sep-2022Prescribing physical activity : status quo of the integration in Swiss healthcare system and international best practicesWieber, Frank; Nast, Irina; Carlander, Maria; Mattli, Renato; Rausch, Anne-Kathrin, et al
3-Sep-2022Dataset underlying the report of the publication analysis GOAL 2020-2021Trautwein, Clemens; Andres, Valérie; Corredera Nilsson, Enrique; Dobis, Dietrich; Flieg, Julia, et al
Sep-2022Características lingüísticas de textos argumentativos escritos antes y después de una intervención centrada en el proceso de planificaciónCutillas, Laia; Cuberos, Rocío; Liste Lamas, Elsa; Salas, Naymé
Sep-2022Digital urban development targeting net-gain biodiversity goals : the DeMo Project, a holistic spatial-based framework to integrate habitats in constructed ecosystemsCatalano, Chiara; Meslec, Mihaela
Sep-2022Multilateral generation of violence : on the theorization of microscopic analyses and empirically grounded theories of violenceNef, Susanne; Lorenz-Sinai, Friederike
Sep-2022Machbarkeitsstudie Agri-Photovoltaik in der Schweizer LandwirtschaftJäger, Mareike; Vaccaro, Christina; Boos, Jürg; Junghardt, Johann; Strebel, Sven, et al
31-Aug-2022Gemeinsam junge Menschen ermächtigen : wie Linguistik und Ergotherapie zusammenspannenHübscher, Iris; Spiess, Martina; Hohenstein, Christiane; Gantschnig, Brigitte
30-Aug-2022Integrating two‐dimensional water temperature simulations into a fish habitat model to improve hydro‐ and thermopeaking impact assessmentAntonetti, Manuel; Hoppler, Luca; Tonolla, Diego; Vanzo, Davide; Schmid, Martin, et al
30-Aug-2022Effective mHealth stress management interventions for occupational therapyMeidert, Ursula; Egger, Selina; Klamroth-Marganska, Verena