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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014Physiological oxygen concentration alters glioma cell malignancy and responsiveness to photodynamic therapy in vitroAlbert, Ina; Hefti, Martin; Luginbühl, Vera
2014Phytochemical analysis using HPTLC and modern LC for application in quality control and medicinal plants research : trends and toolsWolfram, Evelyn; Peter, Samuel; Meier, Beat
2013Phytochemical assessment of the effect of stimulated in vitro multiplication on the metabolic profile of in vitro cultured Hypericum richeri and Artemisia albaWolfram, Evelyn; Hostettler, Lu; Peter, Samuel; Todorova, Milka; Trendafilova, Antoaneta, et al
2015Phytochemical composition of Arnicae flos from wild populations in the northern area of the Romanian eastern carpathiansStefanache, Camelia Paula; Peter, Samuel; Meier, Beat; Danila, Doina; Tanase, Catalin, et al
2015Phytochemical fingerprints combined with bioautographic enzyme inhibition and antitumor activity of Verbascum (Scrophulariaceae) and Ajuga (Lamiaceae) plant extractives on skin squamous cell carcinomaIliescu, Iolanda Alca; Bräm, Sarah; Peter, Samuel; Meier, Nadja; Albert, Ina, et al
2007Phytotherapy against cancer : analysis down to the transcriptomic levelWagschal, I.; Eggenschwiler, Jenny; Viviani, A.
23-Dec-2013Pitzer ion activities in mixed electrolytes for calibration of ion-selective electrodes used in clinical chemistryBastkowski, Frank; Spitzer, Petra; Eberhardt, Ralf; Adel, Beatrice; Wunderli, Samuel, et al
29-Nov-2013Plant and animal suspension cell cultures : scale-up of geometrically dissimilar orbitally shaken single-use bioreactorOlownia, Johanna; Werner, Sören; Eibl, Dieter
2018Plant cell culture technology in the cosmetics and food industries : current state and future trendsEibl-Schindler, Regine; Meier, Philipp; Stutz, Irène Kathrin; Schildberger, David; Hühn, Tilo, et al
2018Play with temperatures - scientific evidence (extracting coffee)Yeretzian, Chahan
2000Playing with dye molecules at the inner and outer surface of zeolite LCalzaferri, Gion; Brühwiler, Dominik; Megelski, Silke; Pfenniger, Michel; Pauchard, Marc, et al
2016Polarity reversal in homologous series of surfactant-free Janus nanoparticles : toward the next generation of amphiphilesWu, Dalin; Chew, Jia Wei; Honciuc, Andrei
2015Polyphenol, anthocyanin and antioxidant content in different parts of maqui fruits (Aristotelia chilensis) during ripening and conservation treatments after harvestGonzález, Benita; Vogel, Hermine; Razmilic, Iván; Wolfram, Evelyn
2019Pore condensation and freezing is responsible for ice formation below water saturation for porous particlesDavid, Robert O.; Marcolli, Claudia; Fahrni, Jonas; Qiu, Yuqing; Perez Sirkin, Yamila A., et al
2010Postsynthetic functionalization of mesoporous silicaBrühwiler, Dominik
2013Precision is essential for efficient catalysis in an evolved Kemp eliminaseBlomberg, Rebecca; Kries, Hajo; Pinkas, Daniel M.; Mittl, Peer R. E.; Grütter, Markus G., et al
2013Predicting the sensory profiles of coffee based on PTR-ToF-MS and GC-MS measurementsGloess, Alexia; Wellinger, Marco; Schönbächler, Barbara; Wieland, Flurin; Lindinger, Christian, et al
2018Prediction of steam burns severity using raman spectroscopy on ex vivo porcine skinZhai, Lina; Adlhart, Christian; Spano, Fabrizio; Innocenti Malini, Riccardo; Piątek, Agnieszka K., et al
2010Preparation and adsorption properties of Pd nanoparticles supported on TiO2 nanotubesHonciuc, Andrei; Laurin, Mathias; Albu, Sergiu; Amende, Max; Sobota, Marek, et al
13-Aug-2019Preparation of highly active phosphated TiO2 catalysts via continuous sol–gel synthesis in a microreactorMartin, Oliver; Bolzli, Nicole; Puértolas, Begoña; Pérez-Ramírez, Javier; Riedlberger, Peter