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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016A novel gravimetric approach to measure the degassing of roasted coffeeSuzuki, Tomonori; Smrke, Samo; Wellinger, Marco; Balsiger, Franz; Yeretzian, Chahan
2012Can we measure the freshness of roasted coffee?Schönbächler, Barbara; Glöss, Alexia N.; Wellinger, Marco; Klopprogge, Babette; Rast, Markus, et al
2017Coffee roasting, blending before versus blending after roastingYeretzian, Chahan; Smrke, Samo; Wellinger, Marco; Opitz, Sebastian
2019Coffee volatile and aroma compounds : from the green bean to the cupYeretzian, Chahan; Opitz, Sebastian; Smrke, Samo; Wellinger, Marco
2016Degassing kinetics from whole roasted coffee beans and roast and ground coffeeSmrke, Samo; Suzuki, Tomonori; Wellinger, Marco; Yeretzian, Chahan
2016Extraction kinetics of coffee aroma compounds during espresso extraction : on-line analysis by PTR-MSSanchez Lopez, Jose; Wellinger, Marco; Gloess, Alexia; Zimmermann, Ralf; Yeretzian, Chahan
2015Extraction kinetics of coffee aroma compounds during espresso extraction on a professional : on-line analysis by PTR-ToF-MSSanchez Lopez, Jose; Wellinger, Marco; Gloess, Alexia; Zimmermann, Ralf; Yeretzian, Chahan
25-Apr-2016Extraction kinetics of coffee aroma compounds using a semi-automatic machine : on-line analysis by PTR-ToF-MSSánchez López, José Antonio; Wellinger, Marco; Gloess, Alexia N.; Zimmermann, Ralf; Yeretzian, Chahan
2017Extraction of coffee : exploring the impact temperature, pressure and water on extraction dynamics and sensory profilesYeretzian, Chahan; Wellinger, Marco; Smrke, Samo; Opitz, Sebastian; Früh, Patrick, et al
2020Extraction of single serve coffee capsules : linking properties of ground coffee to extraction dynamics and cup qualityEiermann, André; Smrke, Samo; Guélat, Loïc-Marco; Wellinger, Marco; Rahn, Anja, et al
2018Filter coffee extraction : a time-resolved viewKishigami, Mizue; Wellinger, Marco; Früh, Patrick; Yeretzian, Chahan
2018Filter coffee extraction : a time-resolved view and the influence of CO2Kishigami, Mizue; Wellinger, Marco; Yeretzian, Chahan
2015Gravimetric analysis of degassing kinetics of freshly roasted and ground coffeeWellinger, Marco; Smrke, Samo; Balsiger, Franz; Yeretzian, Chahan
2015On-line PTR-ToF-MS quantification of volatile aroma compounds released during tobacco heat treatmentWellinger, Marco; Petrozzi, Sergio; Renaud, Jean-Marc; Christlbauer, Monika; Yeretzian, Chahan
2013Predicting the sensory profiles of coffee based on PTR-ToF-MS and GC-MS measurementsGloess, Alexia; Wellinger, Marco; Schönbächler, Barbara; Wieland, Flurin; Lindinger, Christian, et al
2013Recent applications of PTR-ToF-MS in coffee researchYeretzian, Chahan; Gloess, Alexia; Schönbächler, Barbara; Wellinger, Marco; Neff, Angela, et al
2018SCA water quality workshopWellinger, Marco; Yeretzian, Chahan
2018Screening of parameters impacting capsule coffee extractionEiermann, Andre; Guelat, Loic-Marco; Smrke, Samo; Wellinger, Marco; Yeretzian, Chahan
2018The coffee freshness handbookSmrke, Samo; Sage, Emma; Wellinger, Marco; Yeretzian, Chahan
2018The impact of coffee roasting profile on freshness markers in coffee aroma : towards a universal method to quantify coffee freshnessSmrke, Samo; Rahn, Anja; Wellinger, Marco; Yeretzian, Chahan