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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201530 Prozent Food WasteHonegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela
2015A method to benchmark cleaning services in Swiss hospitalsHonegger, Franziska; Hofer, Susanne; Züger, Gabriela; Betschart, Madeleine
2013A method to benchmark Swiss hospital cateringHofer, Susanne; Honegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela
2018Aspects of sustainability, hygiene and safety in catering in Swiss hospitalsWeisshaupt, Oliver; Züger, Gabriela; Hofer, Susanne
2018-08Das Batteriesystem im FrühstückswagenSantis, Alejandro; Züger, Gabriela
2016Breaking the wall of antiquanted patient catering : pitchZüger, Gabriela
2016Bridging the gap between research and practice : benchmarking methods for FM in health care settingsHonegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela; Betschart, Madeleine
2015Catering Benchmark of Swiss HospitalsZüger, Gabriela; Hofer, Susanne
2015Coordination of staffing interactions and processes for providing food service in Swiss hospitalsHonegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela
2014Essential requirements for the parameterization of food waste in hospitals : IFMA Academic and Research (A&R) trackHonegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela
2016Facility management in healthcare institutions : why the non-medical processes are well worth a closer lookHonegger, Franziska; Hofer, Susanne; Gerber, Nicole; Züger, Gabriela
2018Handbuch mobile FrühstücksverpflegungZüger, Gabriela; Weisshaupt, Oliver; Ammann, Beatrice; Kofmel, Tobias; Linder, Valeria; Pierer, Wolfgang; Prauser, Axel; Rufer Hohl, Alice; Santis, Alejandro; Stahel, Jürg; Vogelgesang, Ina; Zollinger, Jonas; Hofer, Susanne
2017Handbuch mobile FrühstücksverpflegungAmmann, Beatrice; Züger, Gabriela; Kofmel, Tobias; Krähenbühl, Andrea; Zollinger, Jonas; Pierer, Wolfgang; Marques, Peter; Prauser, Axel; Rufer Hohl, Alice; Stahel, Jürg; Santis, Alejandro; Hofer, Susanne
2016Hotellerie-Benchmark im GesundheitswesenHonegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela; Betschart, Madeleine; Ammann, Beatrice
2016Das Institut für Facility Management befindet sich mittendrin : nicht-medizinische Supportleistungen in Spitälern - ein Bereich im Wandel und..Gerber, Nicole; Honegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela; Hofer, Susanne
2018-12Megatrends und deren EinflussLeiblein, Gabriela; Stuber, Andrea
2018New ways in patient catering : breakfast in Swiss hospitals becomes mobileZüger, Gabriela; Ammann, Beatrice; Santis, Alejandro; Hofer, Susanne
2016Optimisation of nutrional situation : a case study at a school for adults in SwitzerlandZüger, Gabriela; Hofer, Susanne
2017-03Pilotprojekt FrühstückswagenAmmann, Beatrice; Züger, Gabriela
2013Prozessmanagement für die SpitalgastronomieHofer, Susanne; Honegger, Franziska; Züger, Gabriela