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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
13-Feb-2019Device for the extraction and analysis of gasesAdlhart, Christian; Schneider, Frank; Hug, Thomas Silvan
11-Jul-2018Antiprotozoal compoundsAgnello, Stefano; Adams, Michael; Kaiser, Marcel; Mäser, Pascal; Urban, Alexander, et al
21-Feb-2018Cocoa extracts, cocoa products and methods of manufacturing the sameHühn, Tilo
21-Feb-2018Cocoa products based on unfermented cocoa beans and methods for preparing the sameHühn, Tilo
21-Feb-2018Cocoa fruit processing methods and cocoa products obtained by the sameHühn, Tilo
21-Feb-2018Chocolate, chocolate-like products, chocolate construction kit and methods for preparing the sameHühn, Tilo
26-Apr-2017Cocoa bean processing methods and techniquesHühn, Tilo; Laux, Roland
21-Sep-2016Verfahren zur gaschromatischen Trennung eines EnantiomerengemischesSpenger, Benjamin; Stohner, Jürgen
23-Apr-2014Coffee processHühn, Tilo; Laux, Roland
3-Jul-2013Elektrochemischer SensorBernasconi, Markus; Demuth, Caspar; Van Halen, Henk; Van der Tuin, Jan
15-Aug-2012Concrete admixtureHofmann, Thomas
20-Apr-2011Substituted arylcyclopropylacetamides as glucokinase activatorsWeichert, Andreas Gerhard; Barrett, David Gene; Heuser, Stefan; Riedl, Rainer; Tebbe, Mark Joseph, et al
27-Feb-2008Preparation of concrete acceleratorHofmann, Thomas
28-Sep-2004Mass spectrometric screening of catalystsChen, Peter; Hinderling, Christian
18-Jun-2003Catalytically accelerated gaseous phase reactionsChen, Peter; Plattner, Dietmar, A.; Hinderling, Christian; Feichtinger, Derek; Adlhart, Christian
Results 1-15 of 16 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).