Publication type: Patent
Title: Novel antifungal compounds
Inventor: Knechtle, Philipp
Gombert, Frank Otto
Riedl, Rainer
Lindenmann, Urs
Krebs, Walter
Wipfli, Dennis
Albert, Ina
Wegmann, Sandro
Schmid, Andrina
Patent submitter: Selmod GmbH
Issue Date: 26-Jan-2023
Publication number: WO2023001905
metadata.zhaw.publication.code: A1
Language: English
Abstract: The present invention refers to a compound having the formula (I): R1–Z–C≡C–C≡C–R3 (I) and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same that can be used in prevention, treatment and alleviation of a fungal infection. The instant compounds and pharmaceutical compositions are particularly useful in treating, preventing and alleviating fungal infections caused by Candida fungi and Aspergillus fungi.
Departement: Life Sciences and Facility Management
Organisational Unit: Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology (ICBT)
Appears in collections:Patente Life Sciences und Facility Management

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Knechtle, P., Gombert, F. O., Riedl, R., Lindenmann, U., Krebs, W., Wipfli, D., Albert, I., Wegmann, S., & Schmid, A. (2023). Novel antifungal compounds (Patent No. WO2023001905A1).
Knechtle, P. et al. (2023) ‘Novel antifungal compounds’. Available at:
P. Knechtle et al., “Novel antifungal compounds,” WO2023001905A1, Jan. 26, 2023 [Online]. Available:
KNECHTLE, Philipp, Frank Otto GOMBERT, Rainer RIEDL, Urs LINDENMANN, Walter KREBS, Dennis WIPFLI, Ina ALBERT, Sandro WEGMANN und Andrina SCHMID, 2023. Novel antifungal compounds [online]. WO2023001905A1. 26 Januar 2023. Verfügbar unter:
Knechtle, Philipp, Frank Otto Gombert, Rainer Riedl, Urs Lindenmann, Walter Krebs, Dennis Wipfli, Ina Albert, Sandro Wegmann, and Andrina Schmid. 2023. Novel antifungal compounds. WO2023001905A1, filed July 20, 2022, and issued January 26, 2023.
Knechtle, Philipp, et al. Novel Antifungal Compounds. WO2023001905A1, 26 Jan. 2023,

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