Publication type: Patent
Title: Treatment of skin disorders
Inventor: Adams, Michael
Kemmler, Michael
Riedl, Rainer
Pliatsika, Dimanthi
Imanidis, Georgios
Herzig, Susanne
Kaiser, Marcel
Mäser, Pascal
Patent submitter: Bacoba AG
Issue Date: 11-Aug-2022
Publication number: WO2022167656
metadata.zhaw.publication.code: A1
Language: English
Abstract: The present invention relates to a compound of formula (I), pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof as well as pharmaceutical compositions, for use in a method of topical treatment of a skin disease or skin disorder of a mammal, wherein said method comprises topical administration of said compound to said mammal, Formula (I) wherein R1 is selected from carbocyclyl or heterocyclyl, each independently optionally substituted with C1-C4alkyl, halogen, oxo, CF3, OR4, NR5R6, C6H5, C6H5 substituted with halogen, C1-C3alkyl, OR4, NR5R6, wherein R4, R5, R6 are independently at each occurrence H, C1-C3alkyl; R2 is selected from C5-C12alkyl, C4-C10alkoxy, C1-C3 alkyl ene-cycloalkyl, C1-C3alkylene-aryl, C1-C3alkylene-heteroaryl, wherein said alkyl, cycloalkyl, aryl and heteroaryl are each independently optionally substituted with one or more, typically and preferably one or two, substituents selected from C1-C2alkyl, C1-C2haloalkyl, halogen, C1-C2alkoxy; R3 is (Ia), wherein R7, R8, R9 and R10 are independently at each occurrence H or C1-C3alkyl, preferably H or methyl, or independently at each occurrence two of said R7, R8, R9 and R10 together with the carbon atom to which they are attached form a carbocyclic or heterocyclic ring, preferably a carbocyclic ring, and wherein R11 and R12 are independently of each other H or C1-C4alkyl optionally substituted with halogen, hydroxyl or C3-C6cycloalkyl; or together with the nitrogen atom to which they are attached form independently at each occurrence a heteroaryl or a heterocyclyl, each independently optionally substituted with halogen, C1-C4alkyl, OR13, NR14R15; wherein R13, R14, R15 are independently at each occurrence H, C1-C4alkyl, and wherein the arrow indicates the attachment to the C(O)-moiety depicted in formula (I).
Departement: Life Sciences and Facility Management
Organisational Unit: Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology (ICBT)
Appears in collections:Patente Life Sciences und Facility Management

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Adams, M., Kemmler, M., Riedl, R., Pliatsika, D., Imanidis, G., Herzig, S., Kaiser, M., & Mäser, P. (2022). Treatment of skin disorders (Patent No. WO2022167656A1).
Adams, M. et al. (2022) ‘Treatment of skin disorders’. Available at:
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ADAMS, Michael, Michael KEMMLER, Rainer RIEDL, Dimanthi PLIATSIKA, Georgios IMANIDIS, Susanne HERZIG, Marcel KAISER und Pascal MÄSER, 2022. Treatment of skin disorders [online]. WO2022167656A1. 11 August 2022. Verfügbar unter:
Adams, Michael, Michael Kemmler, Rainer Riedl, Dimanthi Pliatsika, Georgios Imanidis, Susanne Herzig, Marcel Kaiser, and Pascal Mäser. 2022. Treatment of skin disorders. WO2022167656A1, filed February 7, 2022, and issued August 11, 2022.
Adams, Michael, et al. Treatment of Skin Disorders. WO2022167656A1, 11 Aug. 2022,

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