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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
7-Feb-2018E-bike trials’ potential to promote sustained changes in car owners’ mobility habitsMoser, Corinne; Blumer, Yann; Hille, Stefanie Lena
2016e-Tutor : a multilingual open educational resource for faculty development to teach onlineRapp, Christian; Gülbahar, Yasemin; Adnan, Müge
1-Jun-2016Early education and counselling of patients with acute coronary syndrome: a pilot study for a randomized controlled trialWeibel, Lukas; Massorotto, Paola; Hediger, Hannele; Mahrer Imhof, Romy
2016Early versus late admission to labor affects labor progression and risk of cesarean section in nulliparous womenMikolajczyk, Rafael T.; Zhang, Jun; Grewal, Jagteshwar; Chan, Linda C.; Petersen, Antje, et al
1-Jan-2017EarnoutsMeyer, Conrad; Hüppin, Ursina
2011'EASIdig' : a digital tool to document disease activity in atopic dermatitisTremp, Mathias; Knafla, Imke; Burg, Günter; Wüthrich, Brunello; Schmid-Grendelmeier, Peter
2015Ein echter Mehrwert : Advanced Practice NursesHauser-Piatti, Francesca; Händler-Schuster, Daniela; Mahrer Imhof, Romy
2016ECM microenvironment unlocks brown adipogenic potential of adult human bone marrow-derived MSCsH. Lee, Michelle; Goralczyk, Anna G.; Kriszt, Rókus; Ang, Xiu Min; Badowski, Cedric, et al
1-Jan-2014Eco-efficiency assessment of options for metal recovery from incineration residues : a conceptual frameworkMeylan, Grégoire; Spoerri, Andy
2017Ecological assessment of a sediment by-pass tunnel on a receiving stream in SwitzerlandMartin, E. J.; Döring, Michael; Robinson, C. T.
1-Mar-2016Economic analysis of two-stage septic revision after total hip arthroplasty : what are the relevant costs for the hospital's orthopedic department?Kasch, Richard; Assmann, Grit; Merk, Sebastian; Barz, Thomas; Melloh, Markus, et al
2017Economic evaluation of pharmacologic pre- and postconditioning with sevoflurane compared with total intravenous anesthesia in liver surgery : a cost analysisEichler, Klaus; Urner, Martin; Twerenbold, Claudia; Kern, Sabine; Brügger, Urs, et al
1-Jan-2016Economic impacts of EU clean air policies assessed in a CGE frameworkVrontisi, Zoi; Abrell, Jan; Neuwahl, Frederik; Saveyn, Bert; Wagner, Fabian
2017Economic openness and fiscal multipliersRiguzzi, Marco; Wegmüller, Philipp
Mar-2018Economically efficient design of market for system services under the web-of-cells architectureBobinaite, Viktorija; Obusevs, Artjoms; Oleinikova, Irina; Morch, Andrei
1-Mar-2016Das Edelmetallkonto : rechtliche Erfassung einer verbreiteten AnlagemethodePasquier, Bruno; König, Roger
2014EditorialBecker, Heidrun Karin
2006EditorialPage, Julie; Burton-Jeangros, Claudine; Meyer, Peter C.; Suter, Christian
2007EditorialNiedermann Schneider, Karin
2014EditorialBucher, Thomas