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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-09An effective area approach to model lateral degradation in organic solar cellsZüfle, Simon; Neukom, Martin T.; Altazin, Stéphane; Zinggeler, Marc; Chrapa, Marek; Offermans, Ton; Ruhstaller, Beat
2015-03Analysis of negative capacitance and self-heating in organic semiconductor devicesKnapp, Evelyne; Ruhstaller, Beat
2015Analysis of self-heating and negative capacitance in organic semiconductors devicesKnapp, Evelyne; Ruhstaller, Beat
2015Analysis of self-heating and trapping in organic semiconductor devicesKnapp, Evelyne; Ruhstaller, Beat
2018-08-27Analysis of the bias-dependent split emission zone in phosphorescent OLEDsRegnat, Markus; Pernstich, Kurt P.; Züfle, Simon; Ruhstaller, Beat
2000-02-04Bias-tuned reduction of self-absorption in polymer blend electroluminescenceRuhstaller, Beat; Scott, J.C.; Brock, P.J.; Scherf, Ullrich; Carter, S.A.
2016Combining simulators and experiments to study the impact of polar OLED materialsAltazin, Stéphane; Züfle, Simon; Knapp, Evelyne; Kirsch, Christoph; Schmidt, Tobias D.; Jäger, Lars; Brütting, Wolfgang; Ruhstaller, Beat
2014Design tool for light scattering enhancement in OLEDsAltazin, Stéphane; Lapagna, Kevin; Lanz, Thomas; Kirsch, Christoph; Knaack, Reto; Ruhstaller, Beat
2017-09Determination of charge transport activation energy and injection barrier in organic semiconductor devicesZüfle, Simon; Altazin, S.; Hofmann, A.; Jäger, L.; Neukom, M. T.; Brütting, W.; Ruhstaller, Beat
2013Electrothermal finite-element modeling for defect characterization in thin-film silicon solar modulesLanz, Thomas; Bonmarin, Mathias; Stuckelberger, Michael; Schlumpf, Christian; Ballif, Christophe; Ruhstaller, Beat
2017Electrothermal simulation of large-area semiconductor devicesKirsch, Christoph; Altazin, Stéphane; Hiestand, Roman; Beierlein, Tilman; Ferrini, Rolando; Offermans, Ton; Pennick, L.; Ruhstaller, Beat
2016Evolutionary optimization of TCO/mesh electrical contacts in CIGS solar cellsLosio, Paolo Antonio; Feurer, Thomas; Buecheler, Stephan; Ruhstaller, Beat
2011-08-12Extended light scattering model incorporating coherence for thin-film silicon solar cellsLanz, Thomas; Ruhstaller, Beat; Battaglia, Corsin; Ballif, Christophe
2013Impact of light scattering for efficiency enhancement in organic solar cellsAltazin, Stéphane; Lanz, Thomas; Lapagna, Kevin; Ruhstaller, Beat
2014Improved efficiency of bulk heterojunction hybrid solar cells by utilizing CdSe quantum dot–graphene nanocompositesEck, Michael; Van Pham, Chuyen; Züfle, Simon; Neukom, Martin; Sessler, Martin; Scheunemann, Dorothea; Erdem, Emre; Weber, Stefan; Borchert, Holger; Ruhstaller, Beat; Krüger, Michael
2015-05-14Influence of chemically p-type doped active organic semiconductor on the film thickness versus performance trend in cyanine/C60 bilayer solar cellsJenatsch, Sandra; Geiger, Thomas; Heier, Jakob; Kirsch, Christoph; Nüesch, Frank; Paracchino, Adriana; Rentsch, Daniel; Ruhstaller, Beat; Véron, Anna C.; Hany, Roland
2014Influence of molybdenum oxide interface solvent sensitivity on charge trapping in bilayer cyanine solar cellsJenatsch, Sandra; Hany, Roland; Véron, Anna C.; Neukom, Martin; Züfle, Simon; Borgschulte, Andreas; Ruhstaller, Beat; Nüesch, Frank
2003-06-02Investigation of internal processes in organic light-emitting devices using thin sensing layersBeierlein, T. A.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Gundlach, D. J.; Riel, H.; Karg, S.; Rost, C.; Riess, W.
2013-05Light harvesting analysis of novel thin-film electrode architectures in microcrystalline silicon solar cells with hybrid Fourier and geometrical optics simulatorLanz, Thomas; Boccard, Mathieu; Despeisse, Matthieu; Battaglia, Corsin; Haug, Franz-Josef; Ballif, Christophe; Ruhstaller, Beat
2003Mikro- und Nanotechnologie am Center for Computational PhysicsHocker, Thomas; Sartoris, Guido; Ruhstaller, Beat; Haller, Thomas; Schwarzenbach, Hansueli