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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1991Startup of anaerobic biofilm fluidized bed reactors on molasses and phenol under various conditionsDunn, Irving J.; Petrozzi, Sergio
1991Carrier influence in anaerobic biofilm fluidized beds for treating vapour condensate from the sulphite cellulose processPetrozzi, Sergio; Dunn, Irving J.; Heinzle, Elmar; Kut, Oemer M.
1991Gas measurement methods for laboratory-scale anaerobic reactorsPetrozzi, Sergio; Dunn, Irving J.
1991Städtebau als politische AufgabeHodgson, Petra
7-Dec-1990The function of a leader peptide in translocating charged amino acyl residues across a membraneRohrer, Jack; Kuhn, Andreas
Jul-1990Bacteriophages M13 and Pf3 tell us how proteins insert into the membraneKuhn, Andreas; Rohrer, Jack; Gallusser, Andreas
1990Influence of mixing on the azo-coupling of 1-naphthol and diazotized anilineGarcia-Rosas, José; Petrozzi, Sergio
1990Anmerkungen zur Architektur und Stadtplanung in Hong KongHodgson, Petra
1990Studies on infection biology of Gymnosporangium fuscum DCHilber, Urs; Schüepp, H.; Schwinn, F.J.
1990Antiresistance strategy for anilinopyrimidines used to control Botryotinia fuckeliana in SwitzerlandSiegfried, W.; Hilber-Bodmer, M.; Hilber, Urs; Baroffio, C.
1990Untersuchungen zur Entwicklung des BirnengitterrostesSchüepp, H.; Hilber, Urs; Schwinn, F.
1989Phenol degradation in a three-phase biofilm fluidized sand bed reactorEtzensperger, M.; Thoma, S.; Petrozzi, Sergio; Dunn, Irving J.
1989Methods of anaerobic degradation of toxic compounds in chemical and industrial wastewatersLong-de-Vallière, C. Lee; Petrozzi, Sergio; Zürrer, D.; Baier, Urs; Dunn, Irving J.
1989Untersuchungen zur Übertragung des Birnengitterrostes (Gymnosporangium fuscum DC.) vom Diplontenwirt auf den HaplontenwirtKeine Angabe; Hilber, Urs
1989Längsschnittliche Untersuchung zur Entwicklung des Liedersingens bei 2 VorschulkindernEggenschwiler, Gaby; Yeretzian, Chahan
Results 3331-3345 of 3354 (Search time: 0.04 seconds).