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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1-Aug-2014Applying the concept of consumer confusion to healthcare : development and validation of a patient confusion modelLiberatore, Florian; Tscheulin, Dieter; Lindenmeier, Jörg; Seemann, Ann-Karthrin
2015Crocodile marketing : an experimental investigation into the effects of “Crocodile-Tear” apologies on patient loyalty intentionsDietrich, Martin; Drevs, Florian; Lindenmeier, Jörg; Renner, Simone; Seemann, Ann-Kathrin, et al
Jan-2014Crowding-in or crowding out : an empirical analysis on the effect of subsidies on individual willingness-to-pay for public transportationLiberatore, Florian; Tscheulin, Dieter; Lindenmeier, Jörg
2015Customer perception of strikes in the transportation sector : an analysis of MWOMSeemann, Ann Kathrin; Gebele, Christoph; Wernet, Christin; Lindenmeier, Jörg; Liberatore, Florian
2022Development and validation of a brand personality scale for employers of healthcare staffSchätzle, Julia; Lindenmeier, Jörg; Saliterer, Iris; Liberatore, Florian
1-Feb-2014Do patient perceptions vary with ownership status? : a study of nonprofit, for-profit and public hospital patientsLiberatore, Florian; Tscheulin, Dieter; Lindenmeier, Jörg
2020Effects of COVID-19 volunteering on the willingness to volunteer long-termvon Schnurbein, Georg; Liberatore, Florian; Lindenmeier, Jörg; Trautwein, Stefan; Hollenstein, Eva
2016Ethische Ideologie und/oder Motive? : Effekte konsumentenseitiger Verhaltensdispositionen auf die Bereitschaft zum Konsumentenwiderstand gegen unmoralisches GeschäftsverhaltenAndersch, Henrike; Lindenmeier, Jörg; Liberatore, Florian
2013Guilt appeals and prosocial behavior : an experimental analysis of the effects of anticipatory vs. reactive guilt appeals on the effectiveness of blood donor appealsRenner, Simone; Lindenmeier, Jörg; Tscheulin, Dieter K.; Drevs, Florian
2018Physicians as jacks of all trades? : preferences of senior physicians for accepting management responsibilities in German university hospitalsSchätzle, Julia; Homayounfar, Kia; Raewer, Henrik; Brand, Tim; Schmelzer-Kriech, Sarah, et al
2018Preferences of senior physicians for management responsibilities in German university hospitalsSchätzle, Julia; Homayounfar, Kia; Raewer, Henrik; Brand, Tim; Schmelzer-Kriech, Sarah, et al
2016Reputation öffentlicher Arbeitgeber : Validierung eines Messkonzepts am Beispiel von Mitarbeitenden einer deutschen GemeindeverwaltungAndersch, Henrike; Liberatore, Florian; Hurst, Adrian; Kern, Andreas; Lindenmeier, Jörg, et al
2018Resistance against corporate misconduct : an analysis of ethical ideologies’ direct and moderating effects on different forms of active rebellionAndersch, Henrike; Lindenmeier, Jörg; Liberatore, Florian; Tscheulin, Dieter K.
2020Satisfaction with informal volunteering during the COVID-19 crisis : an empirical study considering a Swiss online volunteering platformTrautwein, Stefan; Liberatore, Florian; Lindenmeier, Jörg; von Schnurbein, Georg
19-Apr-2021The impact of preferences for clinical and managerial leadership roles on the willingness to apply for a medical leadership position : analysis of gender differences among a sample of German senior physiciansLiberatore, Florian; Schätzle, Julia; Räwer, Henrik; Homayounfar, Kia; Lindenmeier, Jörg