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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017An institutional theory perspective on the implementation of corporate social responsibility within large firms : empirical and conceptual considerationsBeschorner, Th.; Steyaert, C.; Risi, David
2013Compliance and its effectiveness in preventing unethical behavior : analysis of the Siemens business conduct guidelinesRisi, David
2019Corporate social responsibilityWickert, Christopher; Risi, David
3-Dec-2014Corporate social responsibility managers as internal activists for ethics and sustainabilityRisi, David
2014Corporate social responsibility professionals and institutional work : an institutional perspective on a developing profession in multinational corporationsRisi, David
2014CSR-Manager als Agenten unternehmerischer NachhaltigkeitRisi, David; Sayah, Shiva; Wickert, Christopher
2019Exploring the internal dynamics of corporate social responsibility implementation : the role of resource endowments and functional departmentsRisi, David; Wickert, Christopher
2019Implementing corporate social responsibility as institutional work : exploring the day-to-day activities of CSR managers in multinational corporationsWickert, Christopher; Risi, David
6-Jul-2013Individuals as institutional entrepreneurs : how do CSR professionals strategically drive the CSR implementation process?Risi, David
2016Longitudinal comparison between CSR implementation and CSR function's resource accessRisi, David
2018Powered ascent report : insights from the frontier of impact investing 2018Bendell, Adam; Busch, Timo; Carroux, Sarah; Mudaliar, Abhilash; Pomares, Raul, et al
2017Reconsidering the ‘symmetry’ between institutionalization and professionalization : the case of corporate social responsibility managersRisi, David; Wickert, Christopher
2014Strategische Überlegungen für eine gute UnternehmensführungRisi, David
2019The role values play for agency in institutions : a review of the new institutionalist literature on corporate social responsibilityRisi, David; Vigneau, Laurence; Bohn, Stephan
2018Time and business sustainability : socially responsible investing in Swiss banks and insurance companiesRisi, David
2017Toward a morally reflective institutional analysisRisi, David
2017Understanding financial intermediaries’ hesitation about socially responsible investingRisi, David