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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
20173D bioprinted tissue models for substance testingRimann, Markus; Bono, Epifania; Laternser, Sandra; Nosswitz, Michael; Morel, Alexandre, et al
2015Accelerated development of supramolecular corneal stromal-like assemblies from corneal fibroblasts in the presence of macromolecular crowdersKumar, Pramod; Satyam, Abhigyan; Fan, Xingliang; Rochev, Yury; Rodriguez, Brian J., et al
2019Advanced in vitro models analysisKopanska, Katarzyna S.; Rimann, Markus; Laternser, Sandra; Raghunath, Michael
2009An in situ and in vitro investigation for the transglutaminase potential in tissue engineeringZeugolis, D. I.; Panengad, P. P.; Yew, E. S. Y.; Sheppard, C.; Phan, T. T., et al
2011Applying macromolecular crowding to enhance extracellular matrix deposition and its remodeling in vitro for tissue engineering and cell-based therapiesChen, Clarice; Loe, Felicia; Blocki, Anna; Peng, Yanxian; Raghunath, Michael
2016Bioprinted tissues for substance evaluationRimann, Markus; Bono, Epifania; Laternser, Sandra; Nosswitz, Michael; Morel, Alexandre, et al
2017Ca2+-associated triphasic pH changes in mitochondria during brown adipocyte activationHou, Yanyan; Kitaguchi, Tetsuya; Kriszt, Rókus; Tseng, Yu-Hua; Raghunath, Michael, et al
2013Cellular re- and de-programming by microenvironmental memory: why short TGFβ1 pulses can have long effectsTan, Ariel Bing-Shi; Kress, Sebastian; Castro, Leticia; Sheppard, Allan; Raghunath, Michael
17-Dec-2019Ciclopirox olamine promotes the angiogenic response of endothelial cells and mesenchymal stem cellsKremer, Antje; Wussmann, Maximiliane; Herrmann, Marietta; Raghunath, Michael; Walles, Heike
2017Collagen quantification in tissue specimensCoentro, João Quintas; Capella-Monsonís, Héctor; Graceffa, Valeria; Wu, Zhuning; Mullen, Anne Maria, et al
2008Collagen solubility testing, a quality assurance step for reproducible electro-spun nano-fibre fabrication : a technical noteZeugolis, D. I.; Li, B.; Lareu, R.R.; Chan, C.K.; Raghunath, M.
2016Combination of ciclopirox olamine and sphingosine-1-phosphate as granulation enhancer in diabetic woundsLim, Natalie Sheng Jie; Sham, Adeline; Chee, Stella Min Ling; Chan, Casey; Raghunath, Michael
2013Complementary effects of prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors and sphingosine 1-phosphate on fibroblasts and endothelial cells in driving capillary sproutingLim, Sei Hien; Kim, Choong; Aref, Amir R.; Kamm, Roger D.; Raghunath, Michael
2017Concise review : multifaceted characterization of human mesenchymal stem cells for use in regenerative medicineSamsonraj, Rebekah M.; Raghunath, Michael; Nurcombe, Victor; Hui, James H.; van Wijnen, Andre J., et al
2018Current and upcoming therapies to modulate skin scarring and fibrosisCoentro, João Q.; Pugliese, Eugenia; Hanley, Geoffrey; Raghunath, Michael; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.
2015Differential effects of the extracellular microenvironment on human embryonic stem cells differentiation into keratinocytes and their subsequent replicative lifespanMovahednia, Mohammad Mehdi; Kidwai, Fahad Karim; Zou, Yu; Tong, Huei Jinn; Liu, Xiaochen, et al
2016ECM microenvironment unlocks brown adipogenic potential of adult human bone marrow-derived MSCsH. Lee, Michelle; Goralczyk, Anna G.; Kriszt, Rókus; Ang, Xiu Min; Badowski, Cedric, et al
2017Effects of macromolecular crowding on human adipose stem cell culture in fetal bovine serum, human serum and defined xeno-free/serum-free conditionsPatrikoski, Mimmi; Hui Ching Lee, Michelle; Mäkinen, Laura; Ang, Xiu Min; Mannerström, Bettina, et al
2008Electro-spinning of pure collagen fibres : just an expensive way to make gelatin?Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.; Khew, Shih T.; Yew, Elijah S.Y.; Ekaputra, Andrew K.; Tong, Yen W., et al
2010Essential modification of the Sircol Collagen Assay for the accurate quantification of collagen content in complex protein solutionsLareu, Ricky R.; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.; Abu-Rub, Mohammad; Pandit, Abhay; Raghunath, Michael