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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Aug-2021Advanced characterization and device simulation towards better understanding of OLED degradation mechanismsRegnat, M.; Jenatsch, S.; Züfle, S.; Pernstich, K. P.; Ruhstaller, B.
27-Aug-2018Analysis of the bias-dependent split emission zone in phosphorescent OLEDsRegnat, Markus; Pernstich, Kurt P.; Züfle, Simon; Ruhstaller, Beat
Jan-2020Eine App zur Gamification der Übungen in MINT-FächernPernstich, Kurt
3-Sep-2021Detailed explanation of the increased driving voltage in a TADF exciplex host OLED during prolonged operation via a quantitative device modelRegnat, M.; Pernstich, K. P.; Jenatsch, S.; Ruhstaller, B.
May-2019Game-based Learning für MINT-Fächer mit e-ExercisesPernstich, Kurt
Jun-2019Gamification der Physikübungen mit tguishiny/e-ExercisePernstich, Kurt
Jul-2019Influence of the bias-dependent emission zone on exciton quenching and OLED efficiencyRegnat, Markus; Pernstich, Kurt; Ruhstaller, Beat
2022Pinpointing the origin of the increased driving voltage during prolonged operation in a phosphorescent OLED based on an exciplex hostRegnat, Markus; Moon, Chang-Ki; Jenatsch, Sandra; Ruhstaller, Beat; Pernstich, Kurt P.
2014Probing charge recombination dynamics in organic photovoltaic devices under open-circuit conditionsElliott, Lindsay C. C.; Basham, James I.; Pernstich, Kurt; Shrestha, Pragya R.; Richter, Lee J., et al
Dec-2019Routes for efficiency enhancement in fluorescent TADF exciplex host OLEDs gained from an electro‐optical device modelRegnat, Markus; Pernstich, Kurt P.; Kim, Kwon‐Hyeon; Kim, Jang‐Joo; Nüesch, Frank, et al
4-Dec-2012Ultraviolet/ozone treatment to reduce metal-graphene contact resistanceLi, Wei; Liang, Yiran; Yu, Dangmin; Peng, Lianmao; Pernstich, Kurt, et al