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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015A toolkit for supporting higher education instructors in enriching their teaching with social mediaRapp, Christian; Gülbahar, Yasemin; Erlemann, Jennifer
2021Designing MOOCs and blended learning courses with myScriptingMüller Werder, Claude; Erlemann, Jennifer
2017Detection, coordination and reporting of individual student competency development with myCompetenceMüller Werder, Claude; Ott, Jakob; Erlemann, Jennifer
2016Kompetenzen evaluieren und entwickeln mit myCompetenceMüller Werder, Claude; Woschnack, Ute; Baumgartner, Alexander; Erlemann, Jennifer
2022Lernaktivierung in digitalen Lernangeboten mit myScripting designenMüller Werder, Claude; Buchner, Josef; Erlemann, Jennifer; Spörri, Sandra
27-Nov-2014Mobile Response Tool : Funktionsweise und didaktische MöglichkeitenErlemann, Jennifer; Johner, Roger; Müller Werder, Claude
2021MOOCs und Blended-Learning-Kurse mit myScripting didaktisch designenMüller Werder, Claude; Erlemann, Jennifer
2021myScripting : development of a digital educational design assistantErlemann, Jennifer; Müller Werder, Claude
2020myScripting : Entwicklung eines digitalen Educational Design AssistentenMüller Werder, Claude; Rapp, Christian; Erlemann, Jennifer; Ott, Jakob; Reichmuth, Andrea, et al
2022Seamless Learning : grenz- und kontextübergreifendes Lehren und Lernen in der BodenseeregionDilger, Bernadette; Erlemann, Jennifer; Müller, Claude; Rapp, Christian
2020Seamless Learning : lebenslanges, durchgängiges Lernen ermöglichenMüller Werder, Claude; Erlemann, Jennifer
2014Social media for education : a toolkit for supporting instructors in higher education enriching their teaching with social mediaRapp, Christian; Gulbahar, Yasemin; Erlemann, Jennifer
2014Social media toolkit : supporting instructors to create social and unbound learning spaces in higher educationGülbahar, Yasemin; Rapp, Christian; Erlemann, Jennifer
2015Thesis writer : a system for supporting academic writingRapp, Christian; Kruse, Otto; Erlemann, Jennifer; Ott, Jakob
2015Thesis writer : supporting writing processes in real time using a web-based digital learning platformErlemann, Jennifer; Chitez, Madalina; Kruse, Otto; Ott, Jakob; Rapp, Christian