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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
22-Jan-2019Hedge-Funds : Macro und CTA als Zünglein an der WaageAnhorn, Regina
2019Correlation influence networks for sentiment analysis in European sovereign bondsSchwendner, Peter; Schüle, Martin; Hillebrand, Martin
2019Hedge - Absicherung von Aktien- und Währungsrisiken : Methoden zur Absicherung von Portfolios im Private BankingSchnauss, Martin; Keller, Sascha
2019Performance-Analyse von Buy-Write Strategien auf AktienindizesAnhorn, Regina; Rosenberger, Tim
2019The relevance of sustainability for investors : can socially responsible investments offer investors superior returns or reduced volatility?Brand, Fridolin S.; Thalmann, Gianina
2019Predictive powers: performance of US private equity buyout funds and their time lag to the US public marketsBrunner, Hans; Zwinselman, Yannick
2019Where does the money for rising dividend payments come from? : a market data analysis of listed Swiss corporations and their rising dividend payments since the turn of the millenniumAffolter, Beat; Mattli, Sandro
2019«Performance analysis of niche alternatives and hedge fund strategies»Orpiszewski, Tomasz; Posth, Jan-Alexander; Kirant, Atabey
2019The belt and road Initiative and its potential for an ESG revolution : a network viewPosth, Jan-Alexander
2019Financial risk management and its behavioral pitfalls : an introductionPosth, Jan-Alexander
2019Three essays on investment decisions in decentralized firmsGöx, Robert F.; Chen, Hui; Rüffieux, Thomas
2019Convergence and divergence in European sovereign bondsSchwendner, Peter
2019Current European sovereign bond dynamicsSchwendner, Peter
Apr-2018Which measures predict risk taking in a multi-stage controlled investment decision process?Bachmann, Kremena; Hens, Thorsten; Stössel, Remo
24-Jan-2018Das Hedge-Fund-Jahr hat die hohen Erwartungen erfülltAnhorn, Regina; Schwendner, Peter
Results 1-15 of 125 (Search time: 0.013 seconds).