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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Mar-2019Beyond digitization : "My boss is artificial"Brucker-Kley, Elke; Keller, Thomas
2019Mobility and visual impairmentKeller, Thomas; Rüttimann, Markus; Darvishy, Alireza
2018Heart rate variability analysis as a preventive instrument against stress for employeesKeller, Thomas; Annunzio, Giovanni; Brucker-Kley, Elke
2018Towards a multi-modal ITKeller, Thomas; Baumgartner, Thierry; Brucker-Kley, Elke
2018Fallstudie Vontobel : «Digitalisiertes Service Management schafft Kundennutzen»Schneider, Markus; Klauser, Philipp; Keller, Thomas
2018FazitBrucker-Kley, Elke; Kykalova, Denisa; Keller, Thomas
2018Kundennutzen durch digitale Transformation : Business-Process-Management-Studie – Status quo und ErfolgsmusterBrucker-Kley, Elke; Keller, Thomas; Kykalova, Denisa
2018Erfolgsmuster «Prozessintelligenz» : Einleitung zu den FallstudienBrucker-Kley, Elke
2018«Prozessintelligenz» : Gegenstand und Ziele der StudieBrucker-Kley, Elke; Kykalova, Denisa; Keller, Thomas
2018Fazit : Prozessmanagement als Gestaltungshebel der digitalen Transformation?Brucker-Kley, Elke; Keller, Thomas; Kykalova, Denisa
2018Virtual reality at secondary school : first resultsKeller, Thomas; Glauser, Philipp; Ebert, Nico; Brucker-Kley, Elke
2018Integration of children with special needs in mathematics through virtual realityKeller, Thomas; Hebeisen, Andreas; Brucker-Kley, Elke
2018Yet another blockchain use case - the label chainKeller, Thomas
Nov-2017Integration Platform as a Service - Fallbeispiele aus der PraxisEbert, Nico; Keller, Thomas; Cuche, Simon; Gasser, Peter; Ebert, Nico, et al
2017Facilitating enhanced decision support using a social norms approachKeller, Thomas; Savarimuthu, Bastin Tony Roy
Results 1-15 of 58 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).