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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
1-Mar-1999Monolayer adsorption for the subcritical lattice gas and partially miscible binary mixturesHocker, Thomas; Aranovich, G. L.; Donohue, M. D.
1999Monolayer adsorption of nonrandom mixturesHocker, Thomas; Aranovich, G. L.; Donohue, M. D.
1999Percolation concepts in solid state ionicsDieterich, Wolfgang; Dürr, Oliver; Pendzig, Peter; Bunde, Armin; Nitzan, Abraham
1999Raman spectroscopy in YBa2Cu3O6+x and Bi2Sr2(CaxY1-x)Cu2O8+d : pseudogap and superconducting gapOpel, M.; Nemetschek, R.; Venturini, Francesca; Hackl, R.; Erb, A., et al
1999Stochastic modelling of ion diffusion in complex systemsDieterich, Wolfgang; Dürr, Oliver; Pendzig, Peter; Nitzan, Abraham
1999Pseudogap and superconducting gap in YBa2Cu3o6+x : a raman studyOpel, M.; Götzinger, M.; Hoffmann, C.; Nemetschek, R.; Philipp, R., et al
15-Jul-1998Subband densities in quantum wells under in-plane magnetic fieldsSalis, G.; Ruhstaller, Beat; Ensslin, K.; Campman, K.; Maranowski, K., et al
Mar-1998On the relation between fronts and high-shear layers in wall turbulenceWilhelm, Dirk; Härtel, Carlos; Eckelmann, Helmut
1998Entropy balance, time reversibility, and mass transport in dynamical systemsBreymann, Wolfgang; Tél, Tamás; Vollmer, Jürgen
1998Entropy balance in the presence of drift and diffusion currents : an elementary chaotic map approachVollmer, Jürgen; Tél, Tamás; Breymann, Wolfgang
1998Model studies of diffusion in glassy and polymer ion conductorsDürr, Oliver; Pendzig, Peter; Dieterich, Wolfgang; Nitzan, Abraham
1998Quantum chaotic scattering and resistance fluctuations in mesoscopic junctionsSchirmacher, Walter; Eichengrün, Markus; Breymann, Wolfgang
1997Welches Chaos erforscht die Chaosforschung?Breymann, Wolfgang; Elmer, Franz-Josef
1997Energy and entropy of mixing for a nonrandom mixture of monomersHocker, Thomas; Aranovich, Gregory L.; Donohue, Marc D.
1997Nonrandom behavior in multicomponent lattice mixtures : effects of solute size and shapeAranovich, G. L.; Hocker, Thomas; Wu, D. W.; Donohue, M. D.
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