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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Factors influencing the occurence of food waste in the food service process in hospitals : a literature reviewLeiblein, Gabriela; Tucker, Matthew; Hofer, Susanne
24-Nov-2018The use of facility management strategies in swiss hospitals : an overviewHofer, Susanne; Kosik, Nicol
2018New ways in patient catering : breakfast in Swiss hospitals becomes mobileZüger, Gabriela; Ammann, Beatrice; Santis, Alejandro; Hofer, Susanne
2018Aspects of sustainability, hygiene and safety in catering in Swiss hospitalsWeisshaupt, Oliver; Züger, Gabriela; Hofer, Susanne
2018Trends are changing the catering and dishwashing process in Swiss hospitalsStuber, Andrea; Leiblein, Gabriela; Hofer, Susanne
2018Service catalogue for non-medical support services in hospitals version 2.0Gerber, Nicole; Hofer, Susanne
2018Process model for the food service in Swiss hospitalsWeisshaupt, Oliver; Leiblein-Züger, Gabriela V.; Hofer, Susanne
May-2017Pretest and validation criteria for qualitative data collection in a two-stage explorative study on Legionella prevention in water systems in hospitalsLeiblein, Thomas; Tucker, Matthew; Al Khaddar, Rafid; Lee, Susanne; Gollnisch, Carsten; Hofer, Susanne
2017Facility Management im Gesundheitswesen : ein ungeschliffener JuwelKlauser, Viola; Hofer, Susanne
2017Legionella prevention in water systems in hospitals : stakeholders and the process seen from facility managementLeiblein, Thomas; Tucker, Matt; Ashall, Mal; Al Khaddar, Rafid; Lee, Susanne; Gollnisch, Carsten; Hofer, Susanne
Nov-2016Methodological approach of assessing present state of technical processes in hospitals regarding risk management of Legionella in UK, GER and CHLeiblein, Thomas; Tucker, Matthew; Ashall, Mal; Lee, Susanne; Gollnisch, Carsten; Hofer, Susanne
Nov-2016Facility Management (FM) : Unwort oder Allheilmittel?Honegger, Franziska; Hofer, Susanne
2016Projekt Hospital Planning 4.0 : der Planung von Spitalimmobilien auf den Zahn gefühltHonegger, Franziska; Hofer, Susanne
2016Moving non-nursing activities to FM : example of a successful collaboration of FM research and practiceSchmidt, Romaine; Zanettin, Gabriela; Hofer, Susanne; Honegger, Franziska C.
2016MSc in Facility Management : kompetenter Partner der strategischen UnternehmensführungKofler, Andrea; Hofer, Susanne
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