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2017-12-27Is comfrey root more than toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids? Salvianolic acids among antioxidant polyphenols in comfrey (Symphytum officinale L.) rootsTrifan, Adriana; Opitz, Sebastian; Josuran, Roland; Grubelnik, Andreas; Esslinger, Nils; Peter, Samuel; Bräm, Sarah; Meier, Nadja; Wolfram, Evelyn
2017-10-27In-Silico UHPLC method optimization for aglycones in the herbal laxatives aloe barbadensis Mill., Cassia angustifolia Vahl Pods, Rhamnus frangula L. Bark, Rhamnus purshianus DC. Bark, and Rheum palmatum L. RootsMeier, Nadja; Meier, Beat; Peter, Samuel; Wolfram, Evelyn
2017-10-24Use of herbal medicine in the management of trypanosomiasis in AngolaVahekeni, N; Neto Pedro, M; Kayimbo Malilo, K; van Eeuwijk, P; Mäser, P; João Pedro, G; Théophile, J; Wolfram, Evelyn; da Costa, E; Falquet, J
2017-10-24Contributions to regulation of herbal medicinal products from scientific institutionsWolfram, Evelyn
2017-10-24Evaluation of estrogenic activity of Trifolium pratense L. and Cimicifuga racemosa L. plant extracts and formulations using the planar-YES assayBräm, Sarah; Wolfram, Evelyn
2017-10-24Photostability of sennosides in solution and their degradation products 1Meier, Nadja; Meier, Beat; Peter, Samuel; Josic, Goijko; Wolfram, Evelyn
2017-10-24Combined determination of sennosides, monomeric hydroxyanthacene glycosides and anthraquinone aglycones by UHPLC-DADSchenk, A; Ziegler, LN; Meier, Nadja; Peter, Samuel; Wolfram, Evelyn
2017-10-24HPTLC fingerprint method for the detection of sennosides in Senna dry extractsMeier, Nadja; Meier, Beat; Peter, Samuel; Wolfram, Evelyn
2017-03-01Multiparameter toxicity assessment of novel DOPO-derived organophosphorus flame retardantsHirsch, Cordula; Striegl, Britta; Mathes, Stephanie; Adlhart, Christian; Edelmann, Michael; Bono, Epifania; Gaan, Sabyasachi; Salmeia, Khalifah A.; Hölting, Lise; Krebs, Alice; Nyffeler, Johanna; Pape, Regina; Bürkle, Alexander; Leist, Marcel; Wick, Peter; Schildknecht, Stefan
2017Production of drug-delivery systems with Ibuprofen through encapsulation in nanofibers and -particles with core-shell architectureAdlhart, Christian; Luginbühl, Vera; Sigg, Jérôme
2017Specific enzymatic digestion and fragment isolation for the critical quality attribute assessment of IgG1Rohrer, Jack; Rösli, Christoph; Rappo, Martin Alexander
2017High-Performance thin-layer chromatographic fingerprint method for the detection of sennosides in Cassia senna L. and Cassia angustifolia VahlPeter, Samuel; Meier, Nadja; Wolfram, Evelyn; Meier, Beat
2017Emodin : a compound with putative antidiabetic potential, deteriorates glucose tolerance in rodentsAbu Eid, Sameer; Adams, Michael; Scherer, Thomas; Torres-Gómez, Héctor Manuel; Hackl, Martina Theresa; Kaplanian, Mairam; Riedl, Rainer; Luger, Anton; Fürnsinn, Clemens
2017Targeted polypharmacology : discovery of a highly potent non-hydroxamate dual matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-10/-13 inhibitorSenn, Nicole; Ott, Michael; Lanz, Jan; Riedl, Rainer
2017Development of a non-hydroxamate dual matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-7/-13 inhibitorFischer, Thomas; Riedl, Rainer
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