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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Nov-2014Building competence and bridges : the potential of action research in translator educationMassey, Gary; Jud, Peter; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen
31-Oct-2014Constraints on creativity: the case of CAT toolsEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Massey, Gary
24-Oct-2014Translators and technology : constraining or aiding creativity?Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Massey, Gary
4-Oct-2014Research in multilingual disaster settings : why translation mattersEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Matic, Igor
26-Sep-2014The cognitive ergonomics of translation : indicators from eyetracking dataEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Jud, Peter; Massey, Gary
Jul-2014Panel on post-editing modules in translator training programs : why, what, when, who, and howEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; O'Brien, Sharon; Alves, Fabio
Jul-2014Predicting potential with products and processes : diagnostic indicators of translation performance and learning effectsMassey, Gary; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen
25-Jun-2014Training feedback cultures : growing translation expertiseMassey, Gary; Brändli, Barbara
May-2014Training feedback cultures : growing translation expertise in non-professional contextsMassey, Gary; Brändli, Barbara
2014Conference interpreting in times of English as a lingua franca (ELF) : changing variables and requirementsAlbl-Mikasa, Michaela
2014Vom "Schattendasein" zur Interdisziplinarität : 35 Jahre Übersetzungswissenschaften im BulletinMassey, Gary; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen
2014Ist Übersetzen in die Zweitsprache so ganz anders als Übersetzen in die Erstsprache?Hunziker Heeb, Andrea
2014Relating process and product data in translation research : the CTP projectMassey, Gary; Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen
2014Evaluation of live subtitles (respeaking)Jekat, Susanne Johanna; Dutoit, Lilian
2014Respeaking : syntaktische Aspekte des Transfers von gesprochener Sprache in geschriebene SpracheJekat, Susanne Johanna
Results 1-15 of 25 (Search time: 0.013 seconds).