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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Fluid flow dynamics in MAS systemsWilhelm, Dirk; Purea, Armin; Engelke, Frank
2005Fluorescence polarization assay (FPA) as an attractive alternative in serological diagnosisStamm, Christoph
2015FLUPO - ein feldtaugliches optisches Lesegerät für die VeterinärdiagnostikStamm, Christoph Georg
2014Flupo - eine Lesegerät zur BlutanalyseStamm, Christoph Georg
1997Frequency doubling of 1083 nm diode-laser radiation for locking to iodine absorptionMinardi, F.; Knight, D. J. E.; Arie, A.; Pavone, F. S.; Venturini, Francesca, et al
2015From forces of nature to physics of dynamical systemsDumont, Elisabeth
2016From forces of nature to the physics of dynamical systemsDumont, Elisabeth
2014From forces of nature to the physics of dynamical systemsVenturini, Francesca; Dumont, Elisabeth; Fuchs, Hans Ulrich; Maurer, Werner
2014From hierarchies to well-foundednessFlumini, Dandolo; Sato, Kentaro
2014From image schemas to narrative structures in sciencesFuchs, Hans Ulrich
2017From metaphors to narratives in macroscopic physical science : stories of forces of nature for young children and their teachersFuchs, Hans U.; Contini, Anamaria; Corni, Federico; Dumont, Elisabeth; Landini, Alessandra
2015From stories to scientific models and back : narrative framing in modern macroscopic physicsFuchs, Hans Ulrich
2016High-resolution two-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyCousin, Samuel; Charlier, Cyril; Kadeřávek, Pavel; Marquardsen, Thorsten; Tyburn, Jean-Max, et al
2-Nov-2017Horizontal Magnet Arrangement with Radial AccessVenturini, Francesca; Mock, Patrick; Schauwecker, Robert
15-Aug-2014Integrated planar optical waveguide interferometer biosensors : a comparative reviewKozma, Peter; Kehl, Florian; Ehrentreich-Förster, Eva; Stamm, Christoph Georg; Bier, Frank F.
2013Introduction to the special issue on morphological computationHauser, Helmut; Sumioka, Hidenobu; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Pfeifer, Rolf
2015Investigation of the Luminescence Emission of Chromium(III)-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Borate for the Design of an Optical Temperature SensorBorisov, Sergey; Klimant, Ingo; Schönherr, Veit; Bürgi, René; Venturini, Francesca
2004Laser micromachining of high-density optical structures on large substratesBöhlen, Karl L.; Stassen Böhlen, Ines B.
2002Laser-assisted manufacture for performance-optimized dielectrically loaded GPS antennas for mobile telephonesLeisten, Oliver; Fieret, Jim; Stassen Böhlen, Ines; Rumsby, Phil T.; McEvoy, Patrick, et al
2013Laserscanner für den mobilen Einsatz im BahnbereichRupf, Marcel; Markendorf, Ralf