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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Brokers, moderators or protectors against federal encroachment? : the role of 'Landesministerkonferenzen' in GermanyBehnke, Nathalie; Hegele, Yvonne
2014Coordination by the core executives of the Länder : an analytical frameworkHegele, Yvonne
20-Aug-2018Explaining bureaucratic power in intergovernmental relations : a network approachHegele, Yvonne
2015Horizontal bureaucratic networks : structure and effect of relations in Germany subnational coordinationHegele, Yvonne
2017Horizontal coordination in cooperative federalism : the purpose of ministerial conferences in GermanyHegele, Yvonne; Behnke, Nathalie
2019Hypotheses testing with a small N : an example from federalism researchHegele, Yvonne; Behnke, Nathalie
2017Multidimensional interests in horizontal intergovernmental coordination : the case of the German BundesratHegele, Yvonne
19-Aug-2016Procedurally reducing complexity : the practices of German EU policy coordinationHegele, Yvonne
26-Jul-2016Strategic coalition formation in intergovernmental relationsHegele, Yvonne
5-Sep-2018The effects of portfolio allocation on the intergovernmental coordination processHegele, Yvonne
31-Mar-2020The impact of department structure on policy-making : how portfolio combinations affect interdepartmental coordinationHegele, Yvonne
2018Verwaltung als Akteur ‒ Akteure in der Verwaltung : aktuelle Beiträge zur DebatteHegele, Yvonne; Radtke, Ina