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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2008The 30-Second-Sale : snap impressions of a retail sales person influence consumers decision makingHari, Jürg; Stros, Michael; Marriott, John
2006The Lounge : RealService-OrientierungScheidegger, Felix; Avramakis, Evangelos; Hüppi, Richard Alexander; Hari, Jürg J.
2014The potential of gamification in changing consumer behaviour towards a more sustainable nutrition behaviourBerger, Verena; Miesler, Linda; Hari, Jürg J.
2009The relevance of marketing activities in the Swiss prescription drugs market : two empirical qualitative studiesStros, Michael; Hari, Jürg J.; Marriott, John
2014The silent surfer : an online tool for web experimentsSeiler, Roger; Miesler, Linda; Hari, Jürg J.
2016The silent surfer : experimentally manipulated live web content to study consumer behaviourSeiler, Roger; Miesler, Linda; Hari, Jürg J.
2012The thin win : implicit preference for slim models in advertisingHari, Jürg; Forestier, Céline
2016The warmth and competence dimensions : experimental validation in the context of crowdfundingHari, Jürg J.; Glaunsinger, Senem; Seiler, Roger
2017Trust and e-commerceRawitzer, Heike; Seiler, Roger; Hari, Jürg J.
2017Warmth and competence : how to become a trustworthy “Lovable Star” in businessRozumowski, Anna; Hari, Jürg J.; Dermody, Janine
2014Warmth and competence dimensions of brands as a result of implicit perceptionsHari, Jürg; Forestier, Céline; Rawitzer, Heike; Laager, Yvonne
2005Was sind "Biotechs" wert?Stros, Michael; Hari, Jürg J.
2013We don't need no statusfaction?!Hari, Jürg J.; Rawitzer, Heike
2010What counts in personal selling : corporate image, corporate function or corporate representative? Two experiments on first impressionsHari, Jürg; Meili, C.; Stros, M.; Petkovic, M.
2006Wie geschieht Innovation in Schweizer KMU? : Forschungsbericht des Teilprojektes ADAM IJung, Adalbert; Dönnges, Godela; Hari, Jürg J.; Pult, I.
2018Women are scaredy-cats and men are conquerors?Hari, Jürg; Pirsch, Elisabeth; Rawitzer, Heike
2017Women are scaredy-cats and men are conquerors? : gender specifics in financial investmentsHari, Jürg; Rawitzer, Heike; Pirsch, Elisabeth