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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
3-Nov-2018Addressing barriers to work for asylum seekers : report from SwitzerlandRoos, Kim Caroline; Wenger, Ines; Sowe, Rahel; Indermühle, Yvonne
2020Are the American normative standard scores applicable to the German version of the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI-G)?Wenger, Ines; Schulze, Christina; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
Sep-2021Can we play together? : inclusive playgrounds as an example to enhance resilience in public spacesWenger, Ines; Schulze, Christina; Lundström, Ulrica; Prellwitz, Maria
2021Children's perceptions of playing on inclusive playgrounds : a qualitative studyWenger, Ines; Schulze, Christina; Lundström, Ulrica; Prellwitz, Maria
2022Designing inclusive playgrounds in Switzerland : why is it so complex?Wenger, Ines; Prellwitz, Maria; Lundström, Ulrica; Lynch, Helen; Schulze, Christina
Jun-2018Gemeinsam auf dem SpielplatzWenger, Ines; Schulze, Christina
24-Nov-2021If I could build... : empowering the voices of children with disabilities in playground planningWenger, Ines; Morgenthaler, Thomas; Schulze, Christina
5-Mar-2021Inklusive Begegnungs(t)räume co-kreativ gestalten : die ergotherapeutische PerspektiveBallmer, Thomas Michael; Schulze, Christina; Wenger, Ines; Gantschnig, Brigitte
2021P4PLAY: researching people, place, policy and practice for play from the lens of occupational science : "Oh’ the places you’ll go: children’s adventures in real world and digital playgrounds"Loudoun, Fiona; Wenger, Ines; Boyle, Brian; Larsson-Lund, Maria; Prellwitz, Maria, et al
2019Spielen draussen als gesundheitsfördernde Massnahme bei Kindern : ein Bericht aus Praxis und ForschungWenger, Ines; Schulze, Christina
2019Spielplätze in der Schweiz : Partizipationsmöglichkeiten für alleWenger, Ines; Schulze, Christina
2011Veränderung des Lebensstils – Freude am Alter : effektive präventive Ergotherapieinterventionen bei selbständig lebenden älteren Menschen zur Verbesserung der BetätigungsperformanzBieri, Iris; Wenger, Ines