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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Antibiotikaresistenzen gezielt überwindenChellat, Mathieu F.; Raguž, Luka; Riedl, Rainer
11-Jul-2018Antiprotozoal compoundsAgnello, Stefano; Adams, Michael; Kaiser, Marcel; Mäser, Pascal; Urban, Alexander, et al
2013Bridging the disciplines : cancer diagnostics & treatmentRiedl, Rainer
2012chemf : a purely functional chemistry toolkitHöck, Stefan; Riedl, Rainer
2000Combinatorial de novo synthesis of catalysts : how much of a hit-structure is needed for activity?Berkessel, Albrecht; Riedl, Rainer
2017Cover picture : targeted fluoro positioning for the discovery of a potent and highly selective matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor (ChemistryOpen 2/2017)Fischer, Thomas; Riedl, Rainer
2017Cover profile : targeted fluoro positioning for the discovery of a potent and highly selective matrix metalloproteinase inhibitorFischer, Thomas; Riedl, Rainer
2011CyBy2 : a modular rich client for the chemical and biological information managementRiedl, Rainer; Höck, Stefan
2012CyBy2 : a structure-based data management tool for chemical and biological dataHöck, Stefan; Riedl, Rainer
2013CyBy² : clevere Handhabung strukturbasierter DatensätzeRiedl, Rainer; Höck, Stefan
2012Design, synthesis and biological testing of novel MMP-inhibitorsFischer, Thomas; Riedl, Rainer
2017Development of a non-hydroxamate dual matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-7/-13 inhibitorFischer, Thomas; Riedl, Rainer
Jun-2011Drug discovery in the academic settingRiedl, Rainer
Jan-2013Drug discovery through a chemist’s eyesRiedl, Rainer
2017Emodin : a compound with putative antidiabetic potential, deteriorates glucose tolerance in rodentsAbu Eid, Sameer; Adams, Michael; Scherer, Thomas; Torres-Gómez, Héctor Manuel; Hackl, Martina Theresa, et al
2012Enhancing CyBy2 : visualization of structure activity relationships of large datasetsRiedl, Rainer; Höck, Stefan
2014Fighting the resistanceRiedl, Rainer
1997Fluorescence reporters for phosphodiesterase activityBerkessel, Albrecht; Riedl, Rainer
1997Fluoreszenz-Reporter für Phosphodiesterase-AktivitätBerkessel, Albrecht; Riedl, Rainer
16-Sep-2010Fragment based scaffold hopping in drug discoveryRiedl, Rainer; Fischer, Thomas