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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019A heuristic for conceptualizing and uncovering the determinants of agency in socio-technical transitionsDuygan, Mert; Stauffacher, Michael; Meylan, Grégoire
2017Assessing the reliability of material flow analysis results : the cases of Rhenium, Gallium, and Germanium in the United States economyMeylan, Grégoire; Reck, Barbara K.; Rechberger, Helmut; Graedel, Thomas E.; Schwab, Oliver
25-Nov-2019Better than bottled water? : energy and climate change impacts of on-the-go drinking water stationsMakov, Tamar; Meylan, Grégoire; Powell, Jon T.; Shepon, Alon
2022Closing the gap between EU-wide national bioeconomy monitoring frameworks and urban circular bioeconomy developmentMarcone, Roberto Davide; Schmid, Marc; Meylan, Grégoire
2017Discourse coalitions in Swiss waste management : gridlock or winds of change?Duygan, Mert; Stauffacher, Michael; Meylan, Grégoire
1-Jan-2014Eco-efficiency assessment of options for metal recovery from incineration residues : a conceptual frameworkMeylan, Grégoire; Spoerri, Andy
2021Indicators for urban circular bioeconomy development : a systematic review of EU-wide national bioeconomy monitoring frameworks and their utility to urban policy-makersMeylan, Grégoire; Schmid, Marc; Marcone, Roberto Davide
2017Is gravel becoming scarce? : evaluating the local criticality of construction aggregatesIoannidou, Dimitra; Meylan, Grégoire; Sonnemann, Guido; Habert, Guillaume
2018Linking energy scenarios and waste storylines for prospective environmental assessment of waste management systemsMeylan, Grégoire; Haupt, Melanie; Duygan, Mert; Hellweg, Stefanie; Stauffacher, Michael
2017Nutritient flow scenarios for sustainable smallholder faming systems in southwestern Burkino Faso : food security and better livelihoods for rural dryland communitiesMeylan, Grégoire; Quang, Bao Le; Boundia, Alexandre Thiombiano
2015Ökoeffizienz der Schweizer AltglasentsorgungMeylan, Grégoire
Jan-2019Rückblick, Ausblick, Weitblick : Arbeitswelt 4.0 in der Schweizer MEM-BrancheMeylan, Grégoire; Ehrat, Matthias; Schmid, Marc; Frei, Pascal; Qvist-Sorensen, Peter
2018Solid waste management of small island developing states : the case of the Seychelles : a systemic and collaborative study of Swiss and Seychellois students to support policyMeylan, Grégoire; Lai, Adelene; Hensley, John; Stauffacher, Michael; Krütli, Pius
2017The anthropogenic cycle of zinc : status quo and perspectivesMeylan, Grégoire; Reck, Barbara K.
2021Towards assessing the resource criticality of agricultural livelihood systemsMeylan, Grégoire; Thiombiano, Boundia Alexandre; Le, Quang Bao
23-Feb-2014Transitions of municipal solid waste management. part II : hybrid life cycle assessment of Swiss glass-packaging disposalMeylan, Grégoire; Ami, Helen; Spoerri, Andy
Oct-2020What constitutes agency? : determinants of actors’ influence on formal institutions in Swiss waste managementDuygan, Mert; Stauffacher, Michael; Meylan, Grégoire