Publikationstyp: Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
Art der Begutachtung: Peer review (Publikation)
Titel: PTR-MS monitoring of VOC and BVOC in food science and technology
Autor/-in: Biosioli, Franco
Yeretzian, Chahan
Dewulf, J.
Langenhove, Van H.
Tilmann, Märk
DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2011.03.009
Erschienen in: Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Band(Heft): 30
Heft: 7
Seiten: 968
Seiten bis: 977
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Verlag / Hrsg. Institution: Elsevier
Verlag / Hrsg. Institution: Amsterdam
ISSN: 0165-9936
Sprache: Englisch
Fachgebiet (DDC): 540: Chemie
664: Lebensmitteltechnologie
Zusammenfassung: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biogenic VOCs (BVOCs), in particular, are a major topic in food science and technology. They play an important role in the perception of odor and flavor and, thus, in food appreciation. Their fast, non-invasive detection helps to control product quality and to monitor fundamental and industrial processes. Furthermore, there is increasing concern about the impact of VOCs and BVOCs from food production on our environment and health. In this contribution, we discuss food-related applications of proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS), an emerging technique that allows direct, fast, sensitive monitoring of VOCs. After introducing the principles of PTR-MS, we review its applications in food science and technology, highlighting its capabilities from using complete mass spectra as characteristic fingerprints all the way to identifying and quantifying single compounds in a complex food matrix. We end with a description of fundamental studies from food sciences and outline new opportunities offered by recent technological advances.
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Departement: Life Sciences und Facility Management
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