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Title: Die Schulter im Überkopfsport – Veränderungen von Kraft und passiver ROM am Beispiel des Pitchers
Authors : Haab, Joachim
Schmid, Emmanuel
Advisors / Reviewers : Schächtelin, Sandra
Publisher / Ed. Institution : ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Issue Date: 2015
Language : German
Subjects : pitcher; range of motion; strength; shoulder; glenohumeral
Subject (DDC) : 615.82: Physical therapy
Abstract: Introduction Through the pitching motion’s extreme repetitive strain on the glenohumeral joint, diverse alterations develop. The purpose of this bachelor’s thesis is to examine the bilateral differences these alterations produce, regarding the internal and external rotational ROM and isokinetic strength in the glenohumeral joint. Methods A literature search was conducted on CIHNAL and Medline using the keywords pitcher, shoulder, glenohumeral, range of motion and strength. Six studies met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. They were then examined for their quality with a modified German version of the critical review form developed by Law et al. (1998). Results Professional pitchers show a significant bilateral difference of the external rotational ROM of the dominant shoulder (132°-136°) when compared to the non dominant shoulder (127°-129°). The internal rotational ROM shows a significant bilateral difference for the dominant shoulder (48°- 52°) and the non dominant shoulder (59°-63°). No significant difference was found concerning the bilateral isokinetic strength. Conclusion & Clinical Relevance These findings should be considered when assessing and treating patients who repetitively use the throwing motion. Restoring the normal PROM values plays an important role during rehabilitation. This is possible with a specific stretching program.
Departement: Gesundheit
Publication type: Bachelor Thesis
DOI : 10.21256/zhaw-214
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