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Title: Digital public discourses on antibiotic resistance in Switzerland
Authors : Borghoff, Birgitta
et. al : No
Conference details: 1. Digital Health Lab Day, ZHAW Winterthur, 3.10.2019
Publisher / Ed. Institution : ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Issue Date: 3-Oct-2019
License (according to publishing contract) : Licence according to publishing contract
Type of review: Open peer review
Language : English
Subjects : Discourse; Discourse analysis; Computer linguistics; Corpus analysis; Antibiotic resistance; Public health; Organizational communication; Health communication; Public storytelling; Topic modeling
Subject (DDC) : 401.4: Lexicology and terminology
Abstract: Patterns of Language Use in Public Stories about Antibiotics and Resistances in Digital Discourses (Poster title) In the domain of public health communication (Baumann; Lampert & Grimm; Camerini, Ludolph & Rothenfl-uh; Hurrelmann & Baumann; Rossmann & Hastall), the communicative areas of tension to which gover-nance practices are inevitably exposed in the modern public sphere manifest themselves to a particular degree. These include different perspectives on the perception and evaluation of problem situations, diffe-rent patterns of interpretation with regard to the validity of knowledge and procedures of problem solving (e.g. Stirling, p. 269). In addition, there is a change in the framework conditions for doctor-patient commu-nication, in particular due to the increase in the significance of digital communication environments (Han-nawa & Rothenfluh; Altendorfer). The poster illuminates questions of public health prevention from the point of view and with the methods of linguistic, corpus-driven discourse analysis (Spitzmüller & Warnke; Bubenhofer b). It is based on two rese-arch projects commissioned by the Swiss health authorities which were carried out between 2017 and 2019 and were based on an extensive digital text corpus (Stücheli-Herlach et al., pp. 8-9). The focus was on the question of the linguistically formed "common sense" on the subject of antibiotic resistance. In public dis-courses the research team examined manifest controversies (e.g. Dascal) as well as possible discourse coalitions among relevant actors of health communication (e.g. Hajer) on the basis of significant recursive patterns of language use (Bubenhofer a). Specifically, the "Strategy Antibiotic Resistance StAR" of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) was discussed. The research team examined corresponding antibiotic and antibiotic resistance discourses in German and French, using a German-language corpus of 133 web sources with 1.9 million individual texts and 839 million words as well as a French-language corpus of 149 web sources with 16,000 individual texts and 21.9 million words. The results concern indications for thematic discourse clusters, frequencies of context markers, keyword analyses, the mutual relation of discourse actors in networks as well as refe-rences to "public stories" (Arnold et al.) on the relevant topics. All results (were determined in multi-stage quantitative and qualitative analysis processes and triangulated in an interdisciplinary research team (Dreesen & Stücheli-Herlach). The poster presents the most important methods and results and presents practical conclusions for dis-cussion. Special attention will be given to the transfer of discourse-linguistic insights to actors of professi-onal practice by means of interactive, digital data visualizations. The results were used for the further im-plementation and optimisation of the "StAR" project of public health promotion.
Departement: Applied Linguistics
Organisational Unit: Institute of Applied Media Studies (IAM)
Publication type: Conference poster
DOI : 10.21256/zhaw-18407
Published as part of the ZHAW project : Diskursanalyse Antibiotikaresistenzen (Deutscher Sprachgebrauch)
Diskursanalyse Antibiotikaresistenzen (Französischer Sprachgebrauch)
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