Title: Sample holder and lock-in thermography system with such
Inventor : Monnier, Christophe
Bonmarin, Mathias
Crippa, Federica
Fink, Alke
Geers, Christoph
Patent submitter: Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg
Issue Date: 13-Mar-2019
Language : English
Abstract: A sample holder (1) for magnetic nanoparticle samples comprises a plurality of sample wells (la) for holding a magnetic nanoparticle sample, which are distributed on a top surface (lb) of the sample holder (1). The sample wells (la) are distributed such that a first distance (dl) between neighboring samples wells (la) and/or a second distance (d2) between each peripheral sample well (la) and a respective edge of the top surface (lb) of the sample holder (1) and/or a third distance (d3) between a deepest point of the sample wells (la) and a bottom of the sample holder (1) is between 1 and 100 times greater than a thermal diffusion length of the sample holder material. The sample holder (1) is used in a lock-in thermography system (2).
Further description : Also published as: CA3022092 (A1), US2019154602 (A1), WO2017191129 (A1)
Departement: School of Engineering
Organisational Unit: Institute of Computational Physics (ICP)
Publication type: Patent
Patentnumber : EP3452815
metadata.zhaw.publication.code: A1
URI: https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP17725176
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