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5-May-2000Exhaust gas turbocharger for IC engine has force acting on compressor shaft supported by magnetic bearing detected for controlling variable turbine geometryBüchi, Roland; Finger, Helmut; Fledersbacher, Peter; Loeffler, Paul; Sumser, Siegfried, et al
May-2000Stable and unstable formulations of the convection operator in spectral element simulationsWilhelm, Dirk; Kleiser, Leonhard
May-2000Comparing and Evaluating Pesticide Leaching Models : Results of Simulations with PELMOKlein, M.; Hosang, Jürg; Schäfer, H.; Erzgräber, B.; Resseler, H.
May-2000Smooth stable planes and the moduli spaces of locally compact translation planesBödi, Richard; Immervoll, Stefan; Löwe, Harald
May-2000Comparing and evaluating pesticide leaching models : results for the Tor Mancina data set (Italy)Francaviglia, R.; Capri, E.; Klein, M.; Hosang, Jürg; Aden, K., et al
4-Feb-2000Bias-tuned reduction of self-absorption in polymer blend electroluminescenceRuhstaller, Beat; Scott, J.C.; Brock, P.J.; Scherf, Ullrich; Carter, S.A.
2000Scanning near-field optical microscopy with aperture probes : fundamentals and applicationsHecht, Bert; Sick, Beate; Wild, Urs P.; Deckert, Volker; Zenobi, Renato, et al
Jan-2000Nonparametric function estimation of the relationship between two repeatedly measured variablesRuckstuhl, Andreas; Welsh, A.H.; Carroll, R.J.
2000Coatings with siloxane layers in nanoscale thickness : hydrophobization, adhesion promotion, corrosion protectionHirayama, Martina; Caseri, Walter; Suter, Ulrich
2000Single-molecule identification by spectrally and time-resolved fluorescence detectionPrummer, Michael; Hübner, Christian G.; Sick, Beate; Hecht, Bert; Renn, Alois, et al
2000Numerical investigation of three-dimensional separation in a forward-facing step flow using a spectral element methodDeville, Michel; Kleiser, Leonhard; Wilhelm, Dirk
2000Numerical analysis of crystalline silicon thin film solar cells on perforated SiO2 barrier layersDicker, Jochen; Schumacher, Jürgen; Sölter, Jens; Zimmermann, Walter; Bau, Sandra, et al
2000Punktsieg für das HartreibenAgarico, Jörg
2000Activated poly(hydromethylsiloxane)s as novel adhesion promoters for metallic surfacesHirayama, Martina; Soares, Marie; Caseri, Walter; Suter, Ulrich; Goussev, Olga
2000Collective spin fluctuation mode and raman scattering in superconducting cupratesVenturini, Francesca; Michelucci, U.; Devereaux, T. P.; Kampf, A. P.
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