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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Nov-2014Engagement in instrumental activities of daily living, social activities, and use of everyday technology in older adults with and without cognitive impairmentNygård, Louise; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
Nov-2014ForschungsempfehlungenWeise, Andrea
Oct-2014CAS "Ergotherapie heute und morgen" schliesst eine LückeWeise, Andrea
4-Jul-2014Differences in activities of daily living (ADL) abilities of children across world regions : a validity study of the assessment of motor and process skillsGantschnig, Brigitte E.; Fisher, Anne G.; Page, Julie; Meichtry, André; Nilsson, Ingeborg
25-Jun-2014Neue Wege in der PraxisAdam, Josef; Arbenz-Purt, Dietlinde
Jun-2014As things are now : content analysis of occupational therapy goals of SwitzerlandRoos, Kim Caroline; Dreqc-Rossini, Emmanuelle; Galli Hudec, Claudia; Margot-Cattin, Isabel; Page, Julie
May-2014Befunderhebung im Klassenzimmer : das School AMPS in der GrundschuleKaelin, Vera; Hasselbusch, Andrea; Dancza, Karina
Apr-2014L’accademizzazione dell’ ergoterapia : sviluppi e sfideGalli, Claudia
2014EditorialBecker, Heidrun Karin
2014Was Klientinnen und Klienten wünschen : Fokusgruppen-Befragungen für eine bedarfsgerechte ErgotherapieBecker, Heidrun Karin; Langlotz Kondzic, Verena; Meidert, Ursula
2014Occupation-based and occupation-focused evaluation and intervention with children : a validation study of the assessment of motor and process skills (AMPS)Fisher, Anne G.; Nilsson, Ingeborg; Page, Julie; Gantschnig, Brigitte Elisabeth
2014Meeting Occupational Therapy demands of cultural diversity in education : the OT-EuroMaster program as one promising example (Workshop presentation)Van Nes, Fenna; Prodinger, Birgit; Farias, Lisette; Jonsson, Hans; Andresen, Mette; Kottorp, Anders; Galli Hudec, Claudia
2014Betätigungs-basierte und Betätigungs-fokussierte Evaluierung : die Anwendung des Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) in der ErgotherapieGantschnig, Brigitte E.; Page, Julie
2014Stability of person ability measures in people with acquired brain injury in the use of everyday technology : the test–retest reliability of the Management of Everyday Technology Assessment (META)Malinowsky, Camilla; Kassberg, Ann-Charlotte; Larsson-Lund, Maria; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
2014Associations between performance of activities of daily living and everyday technology use among older adults with mild stage Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairmentRyd, Charlotta; Nygård, Louise; Malinowsky, Camilla; Öhman, Annika; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
Results 1-15 of 21 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).