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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
26-Nov-2019La grammaire dans le bon sens? : intégrer l’usage et la contrastivité dans un cours de grammaire pour étudiants‐traducteursDelorme Benites, Alice
26-Nov-2019Digitalisierung in der FreiwilligenkommunikationKoch, Carmen; Klopfenstein Frei, Nadine
21-Nov-2019Programmes, principles and practices at the IUED Institute of Translation and Interpreting, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) : WebinarMassey, Gary; Kappus, Martin
20-Nov-2019Die Rolle der Unternehmenskommunikation in der digitalen TransformationRosenberger Staub, Nicole
14-Nov-2019Neutral or biased? : data visualization and professional normsWeber, Wibke
10-Nov-2019A puzzle for a new paradigm? : conceptual metaphor and translation process researchMassey, Gary
7-Nov-2019Capturing media resonance through corpus-based discourse analysis : method development using the example of energy and social assistance discourseKrasselt, Julia; Klopfenstein Frei, Nadine; Saner, Mirco; Bubenhofer, Noah; Calleri, Selena; Rosenberger Staub, Nicole; Wyss, Vinzenz, et al
25-Oct-2019Up periscope! : from interdisciplinarity to transdisciplinarity in translation researchMassey, Gary
18-Oct-2019Comunicare tra lingue e cultureRiediger, Hellmut
18-Oct-2019Space means science, unless it's about Star Wars : a qualitative assessment of science communication audience segmentsKoch, Carmen; Saner, Mirco; Schäfer, Mike; Herrmann-Giovanelli, Iris; Metag, Julia
21-Sep-2019Professional translators’ cognitive effort and product quality in relation to directionalityHunziker Heeb, Andrea
19-Sep-2019Vertrauen bei der Rezeption von Wissenschaftskommunikation unter der Lupe : eine Analyse von Nutzersegmenten mithilfe smartphonebasierter TagebücherKoch, Carmen; Herrmann-Giovanelli, Iris; Schäfer, Mike; Metag, Julia
Sep-2019Digital transformation in Higher Education – buzzword or opportunity?Mahlow, Cerstin; Hediger, Andreas
Sep-2019Acting upon background of understanding rather than role : shifting the focus from the interactional to the inferential dimension of (medical) dialogue interpretingAlbl-Mikasa, Michaela
Sep-2019Audiences of science communication under the magnifying glass : a detailed assessment of audience segments using smartphone-based diariesKoch, Carmen; Saner, Mirco; Herrmann-Giovanelli, Iris; Schäfer, Mike; Metag, Julia
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