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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
25-May-2012Goal setting as a challenging step in occupational therapy intervention : evidence on current state in SwitzerlandMargot-Cattin, Isabel; Demurger, Magali; Rossini, Emmanuelle; Galli Hudec, Claudia; Kuster, Erica, et al
18-Oct-2019How to promote knowledge translation in occupational therapy? : examples with an innovative school-based project in SwitzerlandMoioli, Stefania; Ray-Kaeser, Sylvie; Echsel, Angelika; Schulze, Christina
2012La rédaction des objectifs en ergothérapie : résultats d’une étude SuisseMeyer, Sylvie; Margot-Cattin, Isabel; Demurger, Magali; Rossini, Emmanuelle; Moioli, Stefania, et al
Jun-2012Les ergothérapeutes Suisses rédigent-ils des objectifs basés sur les occupations?Demurger, Magali; Margot-Cattin, Isabel; Meyer, Sylvie; Moioli, Stefania; Roos, Kim Caroline, et al
2019Occupational therapy practice in mainstream schools : results from an online survey in SwitzerlandKaelin, Vera C.; Ray-Kaeser, Sylvie; Moioli, Stefania; Kocher Stalder, Cornelia; Santinelli, Lietta, et al
26-May-2012Operationalisation of occupation to analyze treatment goals phrased by occupational therapists in SwitzerlandMargot-Cattin, Isabel; Demurger, Magali; Galli Hudec, Claudia; Kuster, Erica; Meyer, Sylvie, et al
2012Wie formulieren ErgotherapeutInnen in der Schweiz Therapieziele? : eine Sekundäranalyse von gesamtschweizerisch erhobenen DatenMoioli, Stefania; Roos, Kim Caroline; Demurger, Magali; Margot-Cattin, Isabel; Galli Hudec, Claudia, et al