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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A light-scattering study of dynamical carrier properties in cuprate systemsOpel, M.; Nemetschek, R.; Venturini, Francesca; Hackl, R.; Tutto, I.; Berger, H.; Forro, L.; Erb, A.; Revaz, B.; Walker, E.
2002-04-11Comment on : nonmonotonic $d_{x^{2}-y^{2}}$ superconducting order parameter in Nd$_{2-x}$Ce$_x$CuO$_4$Venturini, Francesca; Hackl, R.; Michelucci, U.
2002-12Doping dependence of the electronic Raman spectra in cupratesVenturini, Francesca; Opel, M.; Hackl, R.; Berger, H.; Forró, L.; Revaz, B.
2005-09-06Dynamical properties of charged stripes in La(2-x)SrxCuO4Tassini, L.; Venturini, Francesca; Zhang, Q. -M.; Hackl, R.; Kikugawa, N.; Fujita, T.
2018-01-09Magnetic excitations and amplitude fluctuations in insulating cupratesChelwani, N.; Baum, A.; Böhm, T.; Opel, M.; Venturini, Francesca; Tassini, L.; Erb, A.; Berger, H.; Forró, L.; Hackl, R.
2002Observation of an unconventional metal-insulator transition in overdoped CuO2 compoundsVenturini, Francesca; Opel, M.; Devereaux, T. P.; Freericks, J. K.; Tüttő, I.; Revaz, B.; Walker, E.; Berger, H.; Forró, L.; Hackl, R.
2011Pair breaking versus symmetry breaking : origin of the Raman modes in superconducting cupratesMunnikes, N.; Muschler, B.; Venturini, Francesca; Tassini, L.; Prestel, W.; Ono, Shimpei; Ando, Yoichi; Peets, D. C.; Hardy, W. N.; Liang, Ruixing; Bonn, D. A.; Damascelli, A.; Eisaki, H.; Greven, M.; Erb, A.; Hackl, R.
1999Pseudogap and superconducting gap in YBa2Cu3o6+x : a raman studyOpel, M.; Götzinger, M.; Hoffmann, C.; Nemetschek, R.; Philipp, R.; Venturini, Francesca; Hackl, R.; Erb, A.; Walker, E.
2010Quantitative comparison of single- and two-particle properties in the cupratesPrestel, W.; Venturini, Francesca; Muschler, B.; Tütto, I.; Hackl, R.; Lambacher, M.; Erb, A.; Komiya, Seiki; Ono, Shimpei; Ando, Yoichi; Inosov, D.; Zabolotnyy, V. B.; Borisenko, S. V.
2002-08Raman scattering versus infrared conductivity : evidence for one-dimensional conduction in La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4)Venturini, Francesca; Zhang, Q. -M.; Hackl, R.; Lucarelli, A.; Lupi, S.; Ortolani, M.; Calvani, P.; Kikugawa, N.; Fujita, T.
1999Raman spectroscopy in YBa2Cu3O6+x and Bi2Sr2(CaxY1-x)Cu2O8+d : pseudogap and superconducting gapOpel, M.; Nemetschek, R.; Venturini, Francesca; Hackl, R.; Erb, A.; Walker, E.; Berger, H.; Forrò, L.
2006Raman study of ordering phenomena in copper–oxygen systemsHackl, R.; Tassini, L.; Venturini, Francesca; Erb, A.; Hartinger, Ch.; Kikugawa, N.; Fujita, T.
2000Superconducting gap and pseudogap in Bi-2212Opel, M.; Venturini, Francesca; Hackl, R.; Revaz, B.; Berger, H.; Forrò, L.