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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2013Handbook of writing and text productionJakobs, Eva-Maria; Perrin, Daniel
2005Hypermedia-Lerntext gestalten : Lehrmitteldesign im Schnittfeld von Didaktik und LinguistikPerrin, Daniel; Dörig, Roman; Vervoort Isler, Petronella
16-May-2007Idée suisse - language policy, norms, and newswriting practice as exemplified by Swiss radio and television : language, education and society in the digital agePerrin, Daniel
8-Jul-2007Idée suisse : language policy, norms, and newswriting practice as exemplified by Swiss radio and televisionPerrin, Daniel
2008Idée Suisse : Sprachpolitik, Sprachnorm und Sprachpraxis am Beispiel der SRG SSR - SchlussberichtPerrin, Daniel; Wyss, Vinzenz; Schanne, Michael; Burger, Marcel; Gnach, Aleksandra, et al
2004Imai-Alexandra Roehreke: Reden schreiben. Mit einem Beitrag von Stefan Wachtel, Konstanz: UVK 2002Perrin, Daniel
2015Improving audience design in the financial sector : a pragmatic approach to financial analysts’ recommendations for investorsWhitehouse, Marlies; Perrin, Daniel
2016In die Geschichten erzählen : die Analyse von Narration in öffentlicher KommunikationPerrin, Daniel; Wyss, Vinzenz
12-Sep-2014Institutional learning from a newsroom minority in times of changePerrin, Daniel; Fürer, Mathias; Gnach, Aleksandra
29-Aug-2015Intercultural communicative competence and professional writing in a globalized world : the case of financial communicationPerrin, Daniel; Whitehouse, Marlies
1-Sep-2016Intercultural translation in journalistic text productionPerrin, Daniel; Gnach, Aleksandra
2013Introduction and research roadmap : writing and text productionJakobs, Eva-Maria; Perrin, Daniel
2002Intuition und professionelles Schreiben : das Thema dieses BuchesKruse, Otto; Perrin, Daniel
10-Sep-2015Investigating intercultural communication in the digital workplacePerrin, Daniel
30-Aug-2015Investigating intercultural communication in the workplace : applied linguistics as research on, for, and with practitionersPerrin, Daniel
2018Investigating literacy skills in domain-specific communication : the contribution of applied linguisticsPerrin, Daniel
2015Investigating real-life writing processesGrésillon, Almuth; Perrin, Daniel
2016Investigating the backstage of newswriting with process analysisPerrin, Daniel
2013Investigating translation in the newsroomEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Perrin, Daniel
May-2009Investigating TV journalists : collaborative text production strategiesPerrin, Daniel