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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
17-Dec-2020Are requirements elicitation sessions influenced by participants' gender? : an empirical experimentDíaz, Eduardo; Panach, José Ignacio; Rueda, Silvia; Ruiz, Marcela; Pastor, Oscar
May-2022Assisted-modeling requirements for model-driven development toolsMosquera, David; Ruiz, Marcela; Pastor, Oscar; Spielberger, Jürgen
18-Oct-2021Beyond conventional model-driven development : from strategy to codeNoel, Rene; Ruiz, Marcela; Panach, Ignacio; Pastor, Oscar
2020Can we design software as we talk? : a research ideaRuiz, Marcela; Hasselmann, Björn
May-2022Experiences from developing a web crawler using a model-driven development tool : emerging opportunitiesMosquera, David; Martakos, Anastassios; Ruiz, Marcela
2021Goal-oriented models for teaching and understanding data structuresFranch, Xavier; Ruiz, Marcela
2020Improving performance and scalability of model-driven generated web applications : an experience reportMoretti, Gioele; Ruiz, Marcela; Spielberger, Jürgen
Jun-2022OntoTrace : a tool for supporting trace generation in software development by using ontology-based automatic reasoningMosquera, David; Ruiz, Marcela; Pastor, Oscar; Spielberger, Jürgen; Fievet, Lucas
Jun-2022Rapid software prototyping from business artifactsWahler, Michael; Conte, Enrico; Frick, Martin; Mosquera, David; Ruiz, Marcela
2020Requirements-collector : automating requirements specification from elicitation sessions and user feedbackPanichella, Sebastiano; Ruiz, Marcela
2022Speeding up digital transformation by automating software developmentRuiz, Marcela
Oct-2022Stra2Bis : a model-driven method for aligning business strategy and business processesNoel, Rene; Panach, Jose Ignacio; Ruiz, Marcela; Pastor, Oscar
9-Aug-2021The LiteStrat method : towards strategic model-driven developmentNoel, Rene; Panach, Ignacio; Ruiz, Marcela; Pastor, Oscar
2022The LiteStrat modelling method : towards the alignment of strategy and codePastor, Oscar; Noel, Rene; Panach, Ignacio; Ruiz, Marcela
Aug-2020The use of iStar in Situational Method Engineering : an ongoing studyRuiz, Marcela; Ralyté, Jolita; Franch, Xavier