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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2013An examination of bilateral investment treaties and their impact on foreign direct investment : the Swiss experienceRios-Morales, Ruth; Schweizer, Max; Gamberger, Dragan; Ursprung, Dominique
2006Can the Latin American and Caribbean countries emulate the Irish model of FDI attraction?Rios-Morales, Ruth; O'Donovan, David
2012GCC sovereign wealth funds : challenges, opportunities, and issues arising from their growing presence on the global landscapeRios-Morales, Ruth; Ramady, Mohamed A.; Brennan, Louis
2015Innovation based on dynamic capabilitiesRios-Morales, Ruth; Flores, Alejandro; Schweizer, Max
2009Innovative methods in assessing political risk for business internationalizationRios-Morales, Ruth; Gamberger, Dragan; Šmuc, Tom; Azuaje, Francisco
2013Institutional environment features and Swiss foreign direct investmentRios-Morales, Ruth; Gamberger, Dragan; Schweizer, Max; Brennan, Louis
2007Ireland's foreign direct investment competitive advantage and Japanese outward foreign direct investmentRios-Morales, Ruth; Brennan, Louis
2009Ireland's innovative governmental policies promoting internationalisationRios-Morales, Ruth; Brennan, Louis
2013Market niches and the perceptual economic impacts on a remote alpine village : the BRITS week in LaaxJenkins, Ian; Rios-Morales, Ruth
2011Modelling investment in the tourism industry using the World Bank's good governance indicatorsRios-Morales, Ruth; Gamberger, Dragan; Jenkins, Ian; Smuc, Tom
2013Modelling the interaction of tourism and international developmentRios-Morales, Ruth; Gamberger, Dragan; Jenkins, Ian
2013Policy strategies for innovation in SwitzerlandRios-Morales, Ruth; Crotts, John; Schweizer, Max
2011Sales force technology for the hospitality industryRios-Morales, Ruth; Crotts, John C.
2011SWFs and the global economy : the impact of the gulf oil producersRios-Morales, Ruth; Ramady, Mohamed; Brennan, Louis
2010The emergence of Chinese investment in EuropeRios-Morales, Ruth; Brennan, Louis
2010The Emergence of SWFs and the European PerspectiveRios-Morales, Ruth; Brennan, Louis
2013The fiscal cliff and the Robin Hood eurozone crisisMihai Yiannaki, Simona; Rios-Morales, Ruth
2014The impact of bilateral investment treaties on foreign direct investment in SwitzerlandRios-Morales, Ruth; Gamberger, Dragan; Ursprung, Dominique; Schweizer, Max
2013The impact of international investment agreements on foreign direct investment : the Swiss experienceRios-Morales, Ruth; Schweizer, Max; Gamberger, Dragan; Ursprung, Dominique
2013The shift toward sustainability in the travel trade industryVentriglia, Britt; Rios-Morales, Ruth