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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
28-Aug-2019Application of the eHealth Literacy Scale (eHEALS) in a sample of Swiss parentsJuvalta, Sibylle; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Baumann, Isabel; Jaks, Rebecca; Robin, Dominik, et al
2019Bi-factor model of the control, autonomy, self-realization and pleasure scale (CASP-12) for general factor determination of quality of life in older adultsKerry-Krause, Matthew J.
2018Bifactor model of the CASP-12’s general factor for measuring quality of life in older patientsKerry, Matthew J.
Mar-2020Electronic health literacy in Swiss-German parents : cross-sectional study of eHealth literacy scale unidimensionalityJuvalta, Sibylle; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Jaks, Rebecca; Baumann, Isabel; Dratva, Julia
2022Interprofessional educators' competencies, assessment, and training - IPEcat : protocol of a global consensus studyPaignon, Adeline; Schwärzler, Patricia; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Stamm, David; Bianchi, Monica, et al
2019Interprofessional simulation training’s impact on process- and outcome- team efficacy beliefs over timeKerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Ander, Douglas; Davis, Beth
2019IRT assessment of readiness for interprofessional learning scale (RIPLS) : dimensionality, reliability, and item functionKerry-Krause, Matthew James
2020Is animal-assisted therapy for minimally conscious state beneficial? : a case studyBoitier, Jacqueline Patrice; Huber, Marion; Saleh, Christian; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Hund-Georgiadis, Margret, et al
2020Kompetenzen zur interprofessionellen Zusammenarbeit und geeignete UnterrichtsformateHuber, Marion; Spiegel-Steinmann, Brigitta; Schwärzler, Patricia; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Kaap-Fröhlich, Sylvia, et al
2019Learning organizational ambidexterity : a joint-variance synthesis of exploration-exploitation modes on performanceKerry-Krause, Matthew J.; DeSimone, Justin
17-Jul-2019Patient identity : test design and empirical measurement-equivalent findingsKerry-Krause, Matthew James
9-Oct-2018Psychological antecedents of retirement planning : a systematic reviewKerry, Matthew J.
2018Quantitative methods in interprofessional education research : some critical reflections and ideas to improving rigorKerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Huber, Marion
2020Student views of interprofessional education facilitator competencies : a cross-sectional studyKerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Spiegel-Steinmann, Brigitta; Melloh, Markus; Tamas, Andrea; Dratva, Julia, et al
Sep-2018Students' View of IPE Facilitators' CompetenciesKerry, Matthew James; Spiegel-Steinmann, Brigitta; Tamas, Andrea; Feusi, Emanuel; Melloh, Markus, et al
2022Teachers’ mental health literacy and action competenciesDratva, Julia; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Albermann, Kurt; Robin, Dominik