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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2021Asking to give : moral licensing and pro-social behavior in the aggregateGrieder, Manuel; Schmitz, Jan; Schubert, Renate
2021Environmental decision making in small companies : a behavioral economics perspectiveGrieder, Manuel; Kistler, Deborah; Schmitz, Jan
2022Die Gefahren von Moral Licensing im Kontext ökologischer Verhaltensweisen und in welchen Konsumverhaltensbereichen ein positiver Nettonutzen für das Klima erreicht werden kannGrieder, Manuel; Boogen, Annina; Biegel, Marius
2020How choice complexity in liberalized markets hurts the demand for green electricityBärenbold, Rebekka; Grieder, Manuel; Schubert, Renate
2019How group identification distorts beliefsCacault, Maria Paula; Grieder, Manuel
2023How sludge impairs the effectiveness of policy programs : a field experiment with SMEsGrieder, Manuel; Kistler, Deborah; Schmitz, Jan
Jun-2023Looking beyond the hype : conditions affecting the promise of behaviour change apps as social innovations for low-carbon transitionsWemyss, Devon; Cellina, Francesca; Grieder, Manuel; Schlüter, F.
2021Nachhaltigkeit in Klein- und Mittelunternehmen im Kanton ZürichGrieder, Manuel; Mühlethaler, Marc
2023Not only for the money : nudging SMEs to promote environmental sustainabilityGrieder, Manuel; Kistler, Deborah; Schlüter, Felix; Schmitz, Jan
2019Nudge for good? : choice defaults and spillover effectsGhesla, Claus; Grieder, Manuel; Schmitz, Jan
2020Nudging the poor and the rich : a field study on the distributional effects of green electricity defaultsGhesla, Claus; Grieder, Manuel; Schubert, Renate
2020Pro-environmental incentives and loss aversion : a field experiment on electricity saving behaviorGhesla, Claus; Grieder, Manuel; Schmitz, Jan; Stadelmann, Marcel
2020The behavioral effects of carbon taxes : experimental evidenceGrieder, Manuel; Bärenbold, Rebekka; Schmitz, Jan; Schubert, Renate
6-Apr-2020The effects of investigative sanctioning systems on wrongdoing, reporting, and helping : a multiparty perspectiveChui, Celia; Grieder, Manuel
2021The hidden benefits of corporate social responsibilityGrieder, Manuel; Kistler, Deborah; Schmitz, Jan