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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04-12Amphiphilic nanofiber based aerogels from electrospun biopolymers for selective liquid absorptionDeuber, Fabian; Mousavi, Sara; Federer, Lukas; Adlhart, Christian
2017-05-19Anti-microbial coating innovations to prevent infectious diseases (AMiCI) : cost action ca15114Dunne, Colum P.; Keinänen-Toivola, Minna M.; Kahru, Anne; Teunissen, Birgit; Olmez, Hulya; Gouveia, Isabel; Melo, Luis; Murzyn, Kazimierz; Modic, Martina; Ahonen, Merja; Askew, Pete; Papadopoulos, Theofilos; Adlhart, Christian; Crijns, Francy R. L.
2006-08-01C-H activation in reactions of protonated hydrogen peroxide with propaneAdlhart, Christian; Uggerud, Einar
2001-11-05Catalyst screening by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry : Hofmann carbenes for olefin metathesisVolland, Martin A. O.; Adlhart, Christian; Kiener, Christoph A.; Hofmann, Peter
2000-12-20Comparing Grubbs-, Werner-, and Hofmann-type (carbene)ruthenium complexes : the key role of pre-equilibria for olefin metathesisAdlhart, Christian; Volland, Martin A. O.; Hofmann, Peter; Chen, Peter
2003-04-29Comparing intrinsic reactivities of the first- and second-generation ruthenium metathesis catalysts in the gas phaseAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2012Critical aspects of sample handling for direct nanoparticle analysis and analytical challenges using asymmetric field flow fractionation in a multi-detector approachUlrich, A.; Losert, S.; Bendixen, Nina; Al-Kattan, A.; Hagendorfer, H.; Nowack, B.; Adlhart, Christian; Ebert, Jürgen; Lattuada, M.; Hungerbühler, Karin
2017Cryo-3D printing of nanofiber aerogelsAdlhart, Christian; Fortunato, Giuseppino; Burger, Tobias
2004Dissociative recombination cross section and branching ratios of protonated dimethyl disulfide and N-methylacetamideAl-Khalili, A.; Thomas, R.; Ehlerding, A.; Hellberg, F.; Geppert, W. D.; Zhaunerchyk, V.; Ugglas, M. af; Larsson, M.; Uggerud, E.; Vedde, J.; Adlhart, Christian; Semaniak, J.; Kamińska, M.; Zubarev, R. A.; Kjeldsen, F.; Andersson, P. U.; Österdahl, F.; Bednarska, V. A.; Paál, A.
2014Dünne Fasern - grosse Wirkung : mit Elektrospinning zu neuen ProduktenAdlhart, Christian
2000-09-06Fishing for catalysts : mechanism-based probes for active species in solutionAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2017-04From short electrospun nanofibers to ultralight aerogels with tunable pore structureDeuber, Fabian; Adlhart, Christian
2012-11Grafting of α-tocopherol upon γ-irradiation in UHMWPE probed by model hydrocarbonsBadertscher, Remo; Lerf, Reto; Delfosse, Daniel; Adlhart, Christian
2013-09Label free non-invasive imaging of topically applied actives in reconstructed human epidermis by confocal Raman spectroscopyFleischli, Franziska; Mathes, Stephanie; Adlhart, Christian
2002-12-02Ligand rotation distinguishes first- and second-generation ruthenium metathesis catalystsAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2004-02-25Mechanism and activity of ruthenium olefin metathesis catalysts : the role of ligands and substrates from a theoretical perspectiveAdlhart, Christian; Chen, Peter
2006-01-20Mechanisms of catalytic dehydrogenation of alkanes by rhodium clusters Rhn+ probed by isotope labellingAdlhart, Christian; Uggerud, Einar
2000Mechanistic studies of olefin metathesis by ruthenium carbene complexes using electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryAdlhart, Christian; Hinderling, Christian; Chen, Peter; Harold, Baumann
2014Membrane-particle interactions in an asymmetric flow field flow fractionation channel studied with titanium dioxide nanoparticlesBendixen, Nina; Losert, Sabrina; Adlhart, Christian; Lattuada, Marco; Ulrich, Andrea
2011-03-01Membranes for specific adsorption : immobilizing molecularly imprinted polymer microspheres using electrospun nanofibersBüttiker, Roman; Ebert, Jürgen; Hinderling, Christian; Adlhart, Christian