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25-Apr-2020Cost-utility analysis of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair : a prospective health economic study using real-world dataGrobet, Cécile; Audigé, Laurent; Eichler, Klaus; Meier, Flurina; Brunner, Beatrice, et al
Mar-2020Biosimilars in der Schweiz : Medizin gegen die steigenden Gesundheitskosten?Kobler, Irene; Lenzin, Golda; Liberatore, Florian; Pöhlmann, Johannes; Schmidt, Marion, et al
2020Reply to comment on: Wieser et al. Ovarian cancer in Switzerland: incidence and treatment according to hospital registry data. Swiss Med Wkly.2018;148:w14647Wieser, Simon; Schmidt, Marion; Kind, André B.; Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Viola A.
Oct-2019Real-world drug regimes for multiple myeloma in a Swiss population (2012 to 2017) : cost-outcome descriptionEichler, Klaus; Rapold, Ronald; Wieser, Simon; Reich, Oliver; Blozik, Eva
2-Sep-2019Schlussbericht "Effizienzpotenzial bei den KVG-pflichtigen Leistungen" : eine Studie im Auftrag des Bundesamtes für GesundheitBrunner, Beatrice; Wieser, Simon; Maurer, Matthias; Stucki, Michael; Nemitz, Janina, et al
15-Jul-2019The indirect costs of work-related stress : evidence from a Swiss workplace surveyBrunner, Beatrice; Wieser, Simon; Keller, Anita; Igic, Ivana
2019Who gains the most from improving working conditions? : health-related absenteeism and presenteeism due to stress at workBrunner, Beatrice; Igic, Ivana; Keller, Anita C.; Wieser, Simon
2019Measuring the gap to universal health coverageWieser, Simon; Eichler, Klaus
2019Health technology assessment : self-measurement of blood glucose in patients with non-insulin treated diabetes mellitus type 2Eichler, Klaus; Tzogiou, Christina; Knöfler, Fabio; Slavik, Eva; Monteverde, Settimio, et al
2019Multiple myeloma in a Swiss population : real-world drug regimens and costs of treatment (2012 - 2017)Eichler, Klaus; Rapold, Roland; Wieser, Simon; Gratwohl, Alois; Reich, Oliver, et al
Jun-2018Economic evaluation of oral versus parenteral iron therapy for iron deficiency without anemiaMattli, Renato; Riguzzi, Marco; Glinz, Dominik; Raatz, Heike; Bucher, Heinz C., et al
2018How much does the treatment of each major disease cost? A decomposition of Swiss National Health AccountsWieser, Simon; Riguzzi, Marco; Pletscher, Mark; Huber, Carola A.; Telser, Harry, et al
2018Asthma and COPD in Switzerland : prevalence and direct medical costs according to health insurance claims data and a large population surveySchmidt, Marion; Rapold, Roland; Brunner, Beatrice; Blozik, Eva; Wieser, Simon
2018Reducing micronutrient deficiencies in Pakistani children : are subsidies on fortified complementary foods cost-effective?Wieser, Simon; Brunner, Beatrice; Tzogiou, Christina; Plessow, Rafael; Zimmermann, Michael B., et al
2018Ovarian cancer in Switzerland : incidence and treatment according to hospital registry dataWieser, Simon; Schmidt, Marion; Kind, André B.; Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Viola A.
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