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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Measuring the gap to universal health coverageWieser, Simon; Eichler, Klaus
Jun-2018Economic evaluation of oral versus parenteral iron therapy for iron deficiency without anemiaMattli, Renato; Riguzzi, Marco; Glinz, Dominik; Raatz, Heike; Bucher, Heinz C.; Wieser, Simon
2018How much does the treatment of each major disease cost? A decomposition of Swiss National Health AccountsWieser, Simon; Riguzzi, Marco; Pletscher, Mark; Huber, Carola A.; Telser, Harry; Schwenkglenks, Matthias
2018Asthma and COPD in Switzerland : prevalence and direct medical costs according to health insurance claims data and a large population surveySchmidt, Marion; Rapold, Roland; Brunner, Beatrice; Blozik, Eva; Wieser, Simon
2018Physical inactivity caused economic burden depends on regional cultural differencesMattli, Renato; Wieser, Simon; Probst‐Hensch, Nicole; Schmidt‐Trucksäss, Arno; Schwenkglenks, Matthias
2018Reducing micronutrient deficiencies in Pakistani children : are subsidies on fortified complementary foods cost-effective?Wieser, Simon; Brunner, Beatrice; Tzogiou, Christina; Plessow, Rafael; Zimmermann, Michael B; Farebrother, Jessica; Soofi, Sajid; Bhatti, Zaid; Ahmed, Imran; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A
2018Die gesellschaftlichen Kosten der psychosomatischen KrankheitenWieser, Simon; Schmidt, Marion; Brunner, Beatrice
2018Ovarian cancer in Switzerland : incidence and treatment according to hospital registry dataWieser, Simon; Schmidt, Marion; Kind, André B; Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Viola A
2018Is surgery for trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis cost effec-tive? : a Swiss health-economic studyGrobet, Cécile; Audigé, Laurent; Eichler, Klaus; Meier, Flurina; Wieser, Simon; Herren, Daniel
2018Comparing US and Swiss health care spending by diseases : where the money goes in the highest spending countriesWieser, Simon; Dieleman, Joseph; Squires, Ellen
2018Real-world cost-utility analysis of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in SwitzerlandMeier, Flurina; Brunner, Beatrice; Grobet, Cécile; Wieser, Simon; Audigé, Laurent; Flury, Matthias; Eichler, Klaus
2018Ist die arthroskopische Rotatorenmanschetten-Rekonstruktion kosteneffektiv? : eine prospektive, gesundheitsökonomische Studie aus der SchweizGrobet, Cécile; Audigé, Laurent; Meier, Flurina; Eichler, Klaus; Wieser, Simon; Flury, Matthias
2018Die Schweiz zahlt hohen Preis für nicht-übertragbare Krankheiten : gesundheitsökonomische Studie identifiziert die teuersten Krankheiten der SchweizHuber, Carola; Wieser, Simon
2017Societal costs of micronutrient deficiencies in 6- to 59-month-old children in PakistanWieser, Simon; Brunner, Beatrice; Tzogiou, Christina; Plessow, Rafael; Zimmermann, Michael; Farebrother, Jessica; Soofi, Sajid; Bhatti, Zaid; Ahmed, Imran; Zulfiqar, Bhutta
2017Health effects of micronutrient-fortified milk and cereal food for children and adolescents : a systematic reviewEichler, Klaus; Hess, Sascha; Twerenbold, Claudia; Sabatier, Magalie; Meier, Flurina; Wieser, Simon
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