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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
27-Jan-2020Schrittmotoren einmal andersFluder, Otto; Henke, René; Christopher, Henschel
2020Comparison of standardized sampling and measurement reference systems for aircraft engine non-volatile particulate matter emissionsLobo, Prem; Durdina, Lukas; Brem, Benjamin T.; Crayford, Andrew P.; Johnson, Mark P., et al
15-Dec-2019Computational modelling of dynamic delamination in morphing composite blades and wingsFallah, Arash; Ghajari, Mazdak; Safa, Yasser
17-Sep-2019Implementation of a comprehensive mathematical model for tilt-rotor real-time flight simulationBarra, Federico; Capone, Pierluigi; Monstein, Raphael; Godio, Simone; Guglieri, Giorgio
15-Sep-2019The symmetry of wings and sailsSteinegger, Rolf
Jul-2019Artificial life in a challenged worldFellermann, Harold; Bacardit, Jaume; Goñi-Moreno, Angel; Füchslin, Rudolf M.
Jul-2019Alife 2019 : proceedings of the Artificial Life Conference 2019Fellermann, Harold; Bacardit, Jaume; Goñi-Moreno, Ángel; Füchslin, Rudolf M.
26-Jun-2019Effizienz von Klimakälteanlagen : Praxis und TheorieBrenner, Lorenz; Rohrer, Stefan; Krütli, Markus; Tillenkamp, Frank
2019Sulphur tolerant diesel oxidation catalysts by noble metal alloyingFranken, Tanja; Vieweger, Elisabeth; Klimera, Andreas; Hug, Michael; Heel, Andre
Jun-2018Generating research aims for legged robots : a market and dependability approachDoran, Hans Dermot; Hannich, Frank
28-Feb-2018A cost estimation for CO2 reduction and reuse by methanation from cement industry sources in SwitzerlandBaier, Jens; Schneider, Gabriel; Heel, Andre
6-Feb-2018Sicherheit von autonomem FahrenWirth, Patrick; Reif, Monika Ulrike; Hilbes, Christian
2018Protecting PROFINET cyclic real-time traffic : a performance evaluation and verification platformMüller, Thomas; Doran, Hans
2018Challenges and prospects of communication security in real-time ethernet automation systemsMüller, Thomas; Walz, Andreas; Kiefer, Manuel; Doran, Hans; Sikora, Axel
2018Extension of analytical indicial aerodynamics to generic trapezoidal wings in subsonic flowDa Ronch, Andrea; Ventura, Antonino; Righi, Marcello; Franciolini, Matteo; Berci, Marco, et al
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