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2015Umfrage bei KMU zur Teilnahme an Energieeffizienzprogrammen : «Negawatt statt Megawatt» Forschungsprojekt zur Verbesserung der Wirkung von Energieeffizienzprogrammen bei KMUHackenfort, Markus; Berger, Christian; Günther, Eva; Rellstab, Rolf; Rinaldi, Patrick; Weiss Sampietro, Theresia; Rohrer, Jürg
2015-12-17Production de spiruline à la ferme : produire de la spiruline à la ferme grâce au digestat et à la chaleur excédentaire d’une installation de biogazMontpart Planell, Nuria; Membrez, Yves; Refardt, Dominik
2015Opportunities for Switzerland to contribute to the production of algal biofuels : the hydrothermal pathway to bio-methaneBagnoud-Velásquez, Mariluz; Refardt, Dominik; Vuille, François; Ludwig, Christian
2015-06-08Integrative conjugative elements of the ICEPan family play a potential role in Pantoea ananatis ecological diversification and antibiosisDe Maayer, Pieter; Chan, Wai-Yin; Martin, Douglas A.; Blom, Jochen; Venter, Stephanus N.; Duffy, Brion; Cowan, Don A.; Smits, Theo H. M.; Coutinho, Teresa A.
2015Tissue bioprinting for compound evaluationRimann, Markus; Galea, Laetitia
2015Bioprinting : break-out sessionRimann, Markus
2015Multiplier effects through FM services : a survey - based analysis of added value in FMvon Felten, Daniel; Böhm, Manuel; Coenen, Christian
2015Der gemeinsame GartenHagen Hodgson, Petra
2015Enzymatic bioautography on HPTLC : combined phytochemical and activity screening tool for quality assessment and in vitro cultivation bioprocess control for selected medicinal plants from the Balkan regionWolfram, Evelyn; Bräm, Sarah; Danova, Kalina; Meier, Beat
2015Phytochemical composition of Arnicae flos from wild populations in the northern area of the Romanian eastern carpathiansStefanache, Camelia Paula; Peter, Samuel; Meier, Beat; Danila, Doina; Tanase, Catalin; Wolfram, Evelyn