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dc.contributor.authorBernegger, Heinz J.-
dc.description.abstractIn Switzerland, there are currently no instruments for the holistic and easily applicable assessment of the sustainability of existing buildings, which can also be applied to larger real estate portfolios and which are structurally based on Swiss or European sustainability standards. The instrument, developed as part of a ZHAW R&D project for the City of Zurich, Public Real Estate Management, is based on the already existing LEVEL(S) criteria structure. As distinguished from LEVEL(S), it can be applied to all types of buildings, including mixed buildings, and also scalable to larger portfolios of cities, banks, insurances or real estate investment funds. LEVEL(S) is a voluntary reporting framework to improve the sustainability of buildings. Using existing standards, LEVEL(S) provides a common EU approach to the assessment of environmental performance in the built environment. In the current Version LEVEL(S) is suitable for new office and residential buildings and existing buildings at the time of a major refurbishment. The paper shows, how the rating structures of Agenda2030/SDG's/GAPFRAME, ESCI City Rating System, DGNB and LEVEL(S) can be combined into a holistic evaluation system. If required, the developed portfolio analysis instrument can be coupled - with a more detailed building analysis as an intermediate step - directly with a DGNB renovation certification. It will show how sustaining property owners can be supported in this holistic way. Finally, the first findings from the practical application are explained. It will be shown how it is possible to support sustainably acting portfolio holders in this holistic way.de_CH
dc.publisherIOP Publishingde_CH
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Sciencede_CH
dc.subject.ddc332: Finanzwirtschaftde_CH
dc.titleNew portfolio-rating-system based on LEVEL(S)de_CH
dc.typeKonferenz: Paperde_CH
zhaw.departementLife Sciences und Facility Managementde_CH
zhaw.organisationalunitInstitut für Facility Management (IFM)de_CH
zhaw.conference.detailsSustainable Built Environment D-A-CH conference (SBE19) , Graz, Austria,11-14 September 2019de_CH
zhaw.parentwork.editorPasser, Alexander-
zhaw.parentwork.editorLützkendorf, Thomas-
zhaw.parentwork.editorHabert, Guillaume-
zhaw.parentwork.editorKromp-Kolb, Helga-
zhaw.parentwork.editorMonsberger, Michael-
zhaw.publication.reviewPeer review (Publikation)de_CH
zhaw.title.proceedingsSBE 19 Graz Conference Proceedingsde_CH
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Bernegger, H. J. (2019). New portfolio-rating-system based on LEVEL(S) [Conference paper]. In A. Passer, T. Lützkendorf, G. Habert, H. Kromp-Kolb, & M. Monsberger (Eds.), SBE 19 Graz Conference Proceedings (p. 12038). IOP Publishing.
Bernegger, H.J. (2019) ‘New portfolio-rating-system based on LEVEL(S)’, in A. Passer et al. (eds) SBE 19 Graz Conference Proceedings. IOP Publishing, p. 12038. Available at:
H. J. Bernegger, “New portfolio-rating-system based on LEVEL(S),” in SBE 19 Graz Conference Proceedings, Sep. 2019, p. 12038. doi: 10.1088/1755-1315/323/1/012038.
BERNEGGER, Heinz J., 2019. New portfolio-rating-system based on LEVEL(S). In: Alexander PASSER, Thomas LÜTZKENDORF, Guillaume HABERT, Helga KROMP-KOLB und Michael MONSBERGER (Hrsg.), SBE 19 Graz Conference Proceedings. Conference paper. IOP Publishing. 12 September 2019. S. 12038
Bernegger, Heinz J. 2019. “New Portfolio-Rating-System Based on LEVEL(S).” Conference paper. In SBE 19 Graz Conference Proceedings, edited by Alexander Passer, Thomas Lützkendorf, Guillaume Habert, Helga Kromp-Kolb, and Michael Monsberger, 12038. IOP Publishing.
Bernegger, Heinz J. “New Portfolio-Rating-System Based on LEVEL(S).” SBE 19 Graz Conference Proceedings, edited by Alexander Passer et al., IOP Publishing, 2019, p. 12038,

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