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dc.contributor.authorKaelin, Vera C.-
dc.contributor.authorvan Hartingsveldt, Margo-
dc.contributor.authorGantschnig, Brigitte E.-
dc.contributor.authorFisher, Anne G.-
dc.description.abstractBackground: There are no validated assessment tools for evaluating quality of schoolwork task performance of children living in German-speaking Europe (GSE). Objective: To determine whether the international age-normative means of the School Version of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (School AMPS) are valid for use in GSE. Methods: The participants were 159 typically-developing children, 3-12 years, from GSE. We examined the proportions of School AMPS measures falling within ±2 standard deviation (SD) of the international age-normative means, and evaluated for significant group differences (p < 0.05) in mean School AMPS measures between the GSE sample and the international age-normative sample using one-sample Z tests. When significant mean differences were found, we evaluated if the differences were clinically meaningful. Results: At least 95% of the GSE School AMPS measures fell within ±2 SD of the international age-normative means for the School AMPS. The only significant mean differences were for 6- (p < 0.01) and 8-year-olds (p = 0.02), and only the 6-year-old school process mean difference was clinically meaningful. Conclusions: Because the only identified clinically meaningful difference was associated with likely scoring error of one rater, the international age-normative means of the School AMPS appear to be valid for use with children in GSE.de_CH
dc.publisherTaylor & Francisde_CH
dc.relation.ispartofScandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapyde_CH
dc.subjectCross-cultural comparisonde_CH
dc.subjectOccupational therapyde_CH
dc.subjectSchool health servicede_CH
dc.subjectSchoolwork performancede_CH
dc.subject.ddc371: Schulen und schulische Tätigkeitende_CH
dc.subject.ddc615.8515: Ergotherapiede_CH
dc.subject.ddc618.92: Pädiatriede_CH
dc.titleAre the school version of the assessment of motor and process skills measures valid for German-speaking children?de_CH
dc.typeBeitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschriftde_CH
zhaw.organisationalunitInstitut für Ergotherapie (IER)de_CH
zhaw.publication.reviewPeer review (Publikation)de_CH
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