Title: Substituted arylcyclopropylacetamides as glucokinase activators
Inventor : Weichert, Andreas Gerhard
Barrett, David Gene
Heuser, Stefan
Riedl, Rainer
Tebbe, Mark Joseph
Zaliani, Andrea
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2011
Language : English
Subjects : Organic synthesis; Medicinal chemistry; Glucokinase activator
Subject (DDC) : 540: Chemistry
Further description : Also published as: AT506354 (T), AU2003297291 (A1), CA2509086 (A1), CA2509086 (C), CY1111481 (T1), DK1585739 (T3), ES2362656 (T3), JP2006515858 (A), JP4716734 (B2), PT1585739 (E), SI1585739 (T1), US2006111353 (A1), US7576108 (B2), WO2004063179 (A1)
Departement: Life Sciences and Facility Management
Organisational Unit: Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology (ICBT)
Publication type: Patent
Patentnumber : EP1585739
metadata.zhaw.publication.code: B1
URI: https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP03815189
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